The Studmenn in concert

The rest of the afternoon went very fast, afterall. I was called in to help with a periscope and football shot. Were we where trying to make it look like a football bounced off a periscope. Not easy. I also played in the puppet shop some, trying to make the Mayor’s half-body legs walk.

After work everyone went to Magnus’s house for a party and then to a concert. The interesting thing about Iceland is that things go pretty late. The party started about 9:30, and the concert was at midnight. It was a band, Studmenn that was hugely popular at one time, and have been around for twenty years or so. One of the men in it has been voted sexiest man in Iceland for eight years running. They are a dance band, so the concert experience was not a music hall. It was a converted gymnasium, with a lot of open floor space for people to jump, gyrating, up and down. Don’t get me wrong, there was a real sound system and stage, but it’s not really my scene. I’m glad I went, but I’ll ask more carefully what someone means when they say ‘concert’ next time.

We left at the interval at two a.m.

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5 thoughts on “The Studmenn in concert”

  1. Gee, went to the studmann link and looked over the members…I’ll admit that not a one seemed a standout choice for “sexiest man in Iceland”, but I do see the striking physical homogeneity you mentioned.

    Might I request more photos of street scenes and landscapes?


  2. Actually, and I forgot to mention this earlier, I was expecting everyone to look the same in Iceland because they are supposed to have one of the most genetically pure genepools on the planet. But, it’s not so. The range of types is as wide as anywhere I’ve been, and Reykjavik is very cosmopolitan.

    But more pictures of street scenes and landscapes–What? You didn’t like the picture of the sofa?

  3. Oh, of course I loved the picture of the sofa. In general the decor seems delightfully IKEA ca.1987…it’s just that I can see that here at yard sales and on front porches out on 182nd.

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