The Guardian’s take on exciting new SF and fantasy writers

Jay Lake sent me this link to the Guardian today, so you know, I clicked through out of curiosity.  The headline was “The next generation of SF Writers” and then there’s a photo of a spiral arm galaxy, the caption of which is, “In a galaxy far, far away … Hill, Kowal or Scholes?”

Um.  Whoa.

The science fiction and fantasy community likes to honour the writers in its ranks, and no honour comes higher for new writers than the John W Campbell award. Previous winners include Orson Scott Card, Stephen Donaldson and Cory Doctorow, so it’s certainly worth watching. This year, Mary Robinette Kowal beat a strong shortlist to scoop the award on the basis of a clutch of well-crafted short stories that showcase her emotional deftness while still telling strange and exhilarating stories in the SF tradition.

Thanks Mr. Walter!  This is an excellent pre-birthday present.

Here, let me offer a party favor!   This is an audio version of “Evil Robot Monkey” from the 2008 edition of the Solaris New Book of Science Fiction.


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  1. Happy Birthday, lady. Looks like you’ve moved to NYC as well. Funny that after 10 years we would be living in the same town again. I know a number of puppet-makers here, maybe I’ll run into you before long…

  2. Wow, Mary — what a tremendous accolade! Makes me even sorrier I missed your reading in SF a couple of weeks ago (buried with a sudden job deadline). Hope to catch up with you sometime, somewhere. Maybe at WFC?

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