The disappearing cat

Marlowe got outside. When I found him and tried to pick him up, he hissed and ran. He’s under the neighbors’ porch now. I think we might have to let him stay out overnight; with any luck, he will follow his usual pattern and comes back in the morning.

What a pain.

Edited to add:
Got him inside an hour later.

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4 thoughts on “The disappearing cat”

  1. Fear not, gentle reader, I have heard from Mary that Marlowe is safely back inside the house… Suffice it to say that she may be too exhausted to post an update tonight!

  2. Thank goodness! Poor kitty. I feel sorry for animals in general during moves, as they just don’t understand why you are messing with their world in this terrible way :-).

  3. Yay! Return of the Cat! (My cat Liffey went into panic overdrive during my last move and scratched me up good, but I *so* didn’t blame her.)

    Good luck with the rest of the prep and have a great trip!

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