The cutest thing in the world

Oh my goodness. The costume designers two-year old daughter is in the next room singing “You are a Pirate” in Icelandic. Soooooooo cute. Oh my. I shall faint from the cuteness of it.

You can listen to the original and imagine a tiny, tiny little girl in a flowery skirt singing “Yo, ho fiddle dee, dee.”

[audio:You Are A Pirate (Icelandic).mp3]

Fainting. I’m fainting.

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6 thoughts on “The cutest thing in the world”

  1. So how exactly does one say “You are a Pirate” in Icelandic?

    And I have to ask: Do Icelandic pirates say “Arr!” or do they have their own unique Icelandic exclamation? 🙂

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