Short Fiction Meme and You

Aimee Amodio posted this and it seems so simple and so fun that I want to play too.

Tell me about a story I haven’t written (yet) and I’ll give you a random sentence from that story.

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15 thoughts on “Short Fiction Meme and You”

  1. At the sight of the men dressed in rattan armour, Professor Hardwigg turned to me in a state of some excitement and whispered, “Henry, my lad, if I had any doubts that Arne Saknussemms’s map led to the center of the Earth, I should drop them as of this moment. Further, I now believe that the path continues beyond the center to Nippon herself!”

  2. I’ve always wondered what the protagonist of “Getting My You-Tubes Tied” decided to do. And wasn’t that in 2nd person?

  3. I can’t quite remember that one about the dinner party told from the perspective of the chipped wineglass…

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