Salt Lake City + Novel = Finished

We had to stay one more day in Salt Lake City, because the truck broke down.  I can’t feel bad about this because I am very fond of Beth and Sean. Getting another day to hang with them does not suck.

Plus, I finished Glamour in Glass moments ago.

Now, by finished, I mean that I’ve got the first draft and that I need to go back and fill in the bracketed sections, tidy up the loose ends, and file off the rough spots. But structurally it is all there and it is completed first draft.

This makes me quite happy.

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11 thoughts on “Salt Lake City + Novel = Finished”

  1. Well, you planned to finish before you got back to Portland, and you did. Congratulations!! How did you make the truck break down so you had the extra day?

  2. Still thinking about the amazing evening we spent with you this week. What a perfectly wonderful few hours of incredible conversation, delicious food and stellar wine. The stuff of lifelong memories, I think. So glad you were able to swing our way, I’m sure the boys will will long remember you both, and of course the inimitable Marlowe. Too bad he wasn’t up for the hat trick, it sounds totally hilarious.

  3. Congrats on the novel!! (eek on the truck, though).
    I’ll get your French translations to you soon, promise–we’ve been badly overwhelmed in the last few weeks and I haven’t gotten around to prod my fiancé into double-checking them…

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