SALE! Two new novels in the Shades of Milk and Honey universe!

In case the title of this post isn’t clear, my fabulous agent, Jennifer Jackson, has sold two novels to my wonderful editor Liz Gorinsky at Tor Books to follow Shades of Milk and Honey and Glamour in Glass.

I got the news while I was at my parents’ house on a writers retreat, which I highly recommend as a method. The phone rang and I thought, “Jenn is calling. Jenn never calls unless there’s news.” But, you know, I don’t want to just say, “What?! Tell me!” I mean… I do want to, but that would be gauche and I like talking to her.

So we chat. And we chat. And I’m wondering which of us will break first and get to the news.

And she does. HA! Then the giggling and squeeing commenced. After we got off the phone, I ran into the living room — jumped, might be more accurate — and saw Tempest Bradford first. “We sold two novels!” I think I alarmed her.

The rest of the afternoon proceeded with repeats of that to every writer at the retreat and my parents and Rob and then ice cream — sea salt caramel — and scotch — 15yr Balvenie Single Cask — and champagne — Sparkling Viognier — and more squeeing.

And then I had to wait to tell anyone else until all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed on the contract, which happened today. The wait was much the same as the one you are enduring for me to tell you the names of the novels.

Book 3 will be Without a Summer and Book 4 will be Valour and Vanity.

I described them to my agent like this: Without a Summer is like “Emma against the Luddite Uprising set in the Year Without a Summer.” Valour and Vanity is sort of like “Jane Austen writes Ocean’s Eleven.”

Whee! I am so very, very excited to continue writing in this world. Many thanks to Liz Gorinsky for taking another chance on me and for Jennifer Jackson for handling all the details so I can just write.

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34 thoughts on “SALE! Two new novels in the Shades of Milk and Honey universe!”

  1. How many of these will there be? *starts saving now for the surely super-expensive gold-leaf calfskin collector’s edition boxed set*

    *does the FuriouslyHappy Mary-Sold-Another-Book Dance*

      1. Soooo…what you’re saying is there are going to be at least twelve and I’ll need a fat $300 for this collector’s edition shenanigans. But of course this is after getting all the ones individually to actually -read- and not just look pretty on my shelf.

        So noted, madam.

  2. ..Jane Austen writes Ocean’s Eleven…



    That is to say: how marvelous! congratulations!

  3. I am so happy and pleased for you! What excellent news! Well done! I drink a toast to your success.

  4. What THRILLING news! Congratulations! And the little pitch synopses sound fabulous. I can’t wait to read them!

        1. Well, I assumed it was more in tone.  And I’ve not actually seen the original, and was wondering if I should go do that in preparation.

      1. Any projected dates for the other two?  Not to rush, and of course, there’s still The Transfigured Lady 🙂

        1. I suspect they will come out in 2013 and 2014, but don’t actually know.  We did just come to an agreement after all.  The Transfigured Lady is out shopping so that’ll be ages from now.

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