SALE! “Like Native Things” to Asimov’s

I am very, very happy to have sold this short story to Asimov’s. I have to give a really big thank you to all the people who beta-read for it when it was titled, “Wary of Iguanas.” In particular I need to thank Daniel, who finally unlocked a problem with the story for me.

It’s like this… For months I’ve been trying to fix a problem with the story. There’s a type of power station that takes its energy from ocean waves, and I have one in the story. I kept getting comments like, “I don’t understand why the wave generator is such a big deal.” So I kept trying to tweak it to make the wave generator’s importance to my main character clear.

Then Daniel commented, “So to me, wave generators, are things found in amusement parks, and scientific reproductions, it would be pointless in open ocean.”

D’oh! All of those people thought it was a machine that created waves, not a power station.

God. I could fix that with three words. MONTHS of effort because of a definition.

Meanwhile… here’s a teaser.

The iguana was probably some kid out for a joyride. A wetware patch covered nearly its full back in a web of gold and silicone. Tilda opened the window and leaned out to pluck the iguana off the branch. Thank heavens animals with amateur mind-riders tended to have slow instincts.

She dropped the iguana into a carry-crate and threw a cloth over it. “No trespassing signs apply to anything with an intelligence on board, but I’ll drop your critter near a street sign.”

“Most people would euthanize the thing.” Helmut pulled a fresh wetware patch out of the fridge and opened the sterile packet. “You’re a softie.”

“It’s not the iguana’s fault his person is an idiot.” Still, given the nature of her contract with the government, it was better to be on the safe side. Tilda carried the crate past the row of benches that dominated the saddle room and set it outside in the hall. “Go ahead and start calibrating and I’ll join you in a minute.”

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6 thoughts on “SALE! “Like Native Things” to Asimov’s”

  1. Congratulations . . .

    . . . I was initially surprised by the expression of happiness (very, very); I had the idea that authors sell stuff all the time, and it was just, you know, another thing.

    I guess every piece has its own life, and sending it out there, even if other stuff is already out there, is still akin to sending a piece of oneself out for approval.

    Again, congratulations.

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