Safely in Avon, MN

We arrived in Avon at around 8:00 local time. Rob’s brother, Kevin and his wife Shawna greeted us. We have been plied with wine and Shawna’s delicious cooking. I took a shower and feel much more human.

The cats are ensconced in our room. They seem have settled into the routine nicely. Maggie tends to stay in the “upstairs apartment” which is the open carrier on top. Marlowe alternates between the downstairs and “the cave,” which is the area under our seats. I moved a bunch of stuff to the rear of the truck, since we weren’t using any of it, so that he had more room to hang out. He still gets freaked out by being outside during the day, but last night was hankering to go out. We had them both tied to our luggage inside the tent until we got settled.

Today, I even got them both to play a little bit with string. I don’t know what they make of the whole trip, but they are being remarkably adaptable.

We’ll see how well they let us sleep tonight. I am dragging and looking forward to a day of being stationary. We’ll stay here in Avon until Monday, when it is off to Wisconsin.

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3 thoughts on “Safely in Avon, MN”

  1. So happy to know you made it safely…that the two little loves are adapting all right, and that you
    are going to take a ‘breather’. Love to all.

  2. Somehow I think it will take more than the cats to keep you from sleeping soundly tonight. I hope your internal clock will reset itself away from 5 a.m.

    Thanks for all the updates and photos… sounds like South Dakota’s “Kowal Slogan” should be “the Calamity State”

  3. I wonder, do folks know that towns in “Mist County”, the area of “Lake Woebegone”, are named such because James J. Hill, (a Canadian by birth) and a railroad barron of the 20th century was an Anglophile. Thus, you have Avon, Albany, Freeport, in West Central MN. He so admired the British Isles.

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