Rob’s hands: Operation date!

Yes. It’s true. Rob finally has a date for the operation.  March 30th, they’ll tackle the carpal tunnel in his right wrist.

Of course, first, he has to have a pre-op physical.  I don’t have any understanding of why he has to have this second physical when he just had one with the same doctor.  We are both hoping that they will be able to schedule this physical rather faster than they did the other one, otherwise they’ll have to push the operation date back.  Mind you, when the problem was first diagnosed in October, the surgeon had wanted to get Rob in that week for surgery.  Clearly, he is dealing with relatavistic time of some sort.

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4 thoughts on “Rob’s hands: Operation date!”

  1. Thank the stars!

    Besides you successfully accomplishing the post-pre-procedure physical, we’ll also be wishing tons of good karma and vibes on that surgeon up through Rob’s date. After that, the fellow’s free to crack mirrors, walk under ladders, and cross paths with ebony-tinted felines as much as he pleases. But until then, I vote we sequester the guy in a hermetically-sealed bubble.

  2. I am very glad this actually moving for you both instead of being stalled in medical red-tape hell.

    I will definitely be sending good thoughts towards the south.

  3. i’m glad this is finally happening. try to think of it as for the best, but i know what you mean. (there’s nothing like being told “you have a year to live if we don’t operate. hold please.” for a *month.* lol.) am holding you and rob in my thoughts.

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