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Aside from the fact that Rob keeps having to drive to California to deal with winery things, I think we are settling into Portland nicely.

Through the magic of Skype, I spent two days reading the rest of Glamour in Glass to the folks back in the Puppet Kitchen. I’d gotten into the habit of reading stories to them when I was finished and they had been listening to me read the novel as I worked my way through it. This makes me happy that 3000 miles will not keep me from using them as a sounding board for fiction. It makes me feel like I’m still sort of there.

The rest of the week was spent trying to tempt Laurel Amberdine and her husband to move to Portland. Now, other people might regard having houseguests a week after moving in to an apartment as a crazy idea, but having company actually helps me feel more grounded. I think it’s a nesting thing.

That helps significantly since I’ll spend the rest of this week being a wine widow, while Rob is off on another trip to California. Thank heavens I’ve got some short fiction to work on. Might be time to call the Puppet Kitchen again…

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4 thoughts on “Reading, company, wine widow”

  1. If Ms.Amberdine & spouse do move
    to Portland, maybe someday on a visit
    she might discuss Flannery O’Connor w/us?

  2. You are a very effective temptress! When the city analysis spreadsheets get compiled, there will be an entry for “Is Mary There?” and all the OTHER cities get a big no. I figure that should settle it right there.

    1. Mwahahaha! My evil ways are working as planned.

      Seriously though, the apartment feels horribly empty tonight. With you guys here last week I didn’t mind so much that Rob was out of town. ::sniff:: Who will eat this apple pie I’m baking?

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