Readercon 2009, day 1

First of all, I am writing this on my phone because the hotel internet is $13 a day, which I will NOT pay. It is absurd. Second, I love Readercon and today reminds me of why. Intelligent people talking about fiction and a high percentage of my favorite people. However, due to the blogging-on-phone aspect, my presence this weekend might be scant. You should know, though that I finished Chapter 2 on the train and began chapter 3.

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2 thoughts on “Readercon 2009, day 1”

  1. Yes, the cost for the hotel internet is absurd. Someone asked about this at the Readercon debriefing a couple of years ago. Apparently, the hotel assumes that everyone is a business traveler who can expense the cost back to their company. (This doesn’t actually make much sense as an explanation to me but I don’t doubt it’s what the hotel told them.)

    It was good to meet you at the kaffeeklatsch last night. I look forward to your talk and your workshop.

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