Portland, OR: Day 10 of the move

We have finally arrived at the Chelsea household, were we will stay until we find an apartment. So, the roadtrip portion of the move is finished.

Driving into Portland from Idaho was strangely nostalgic for me. Back in my puppet theater touring days, I was on the Idaho tour for three years. The whole drive yesterday and today covered territory that I was thoroughly familiar with. If there was an elementary school in Idaho, I performed at it.  We’d drive back and forth between the states about every two weeks, so this was like coming home in many ways.

Next, comes the apartment hunting saga.

What? I hear you say.  Wasn’t this a houseswap? Why aren’t we going back to our Portland house?

The answer is fairly simple. Even before we did the swap, Rob and I had been talking about moving into an apartment and renting the house out. It was more space than we needed and would give us an opportunity to find a place that suited both of us.  I owned the house before we got married, you see.  We’ve never done that typical married couple thing of finding a place together.

Wish us luck.

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7 thoughts on “Portland, OR: Day 10 of the move”

  1. Glad to hear you made it! Sorry we didn’t connect for coffee!
    Best wishes for a successful house hunt in Portland!

  2. “Finding a place together”. Think Condo!
    Think purchase. Think ‘homestead’. Go
    for it! Now is an optimum time?

  3. Catherine Shaffer


    I would love a recap for people coming late to the story. You say you had a house in Portland, then swapped with someone in New York? How long did you stay in New York? Did the swappers drive across country at the same time?


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