Here! Play MadLibs with my fiction

So, as I write, I often use [square brackets] as place holders for things I need to look up later. This offers you the opportunity to play MadLibs with my work in progress.

  • A cheer went up from a crowd of sailors bunched around the [part of ship]
  • An enclosed [type of carriage] with a matched pair, awaited them. It was [description] in the older style, but still in good repair.
  •  A sailor stood a few feet away, working at [some ship business].
  • “Tell the [guy in the pantry] that you have a delicate stomach.”
  • “Cook has promised [something] for dinner.”
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9 thoughts on “Here! Play MadLibs with my fiction”

  1. foc’sle head; dormeuse (let’s say “dormouse” for fun); sling-sprung and lacquered an egregious shade of red; picking oakum; sneak-thief posing as a footman; creamed herring (maybe we should adjourn to a pub, instead.)

  2. Foc’sl
    Coiling the lines
    Cabin boy
    Either chef’s surprise or fresh catch of the day. (Though Midshipman Roberts has reported his boots missing, so I suspect we may be having filet of sole.)

  3. O tempora, o madlibsi:

    BC 400: catapult / chariot / bronze-wheeled / ethopian / crocodile hash

    AD 1800: capstan / coach / turntable front wheels / invalid / salted meat

    AD 2000: MTAC / Humvee / unarmoured / jerk / MRE

    SA 500 (Space Age => After Gagarin, see Quantum Vibe):
    flux capacitor / bubble / rated for low radiation use, / mutant / puce pills

    For the latter two, the obvious question is: …with a matched pair .. of what?

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