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I went today to take my placement test for Icelandic. The first part of the written test was fine, I breezed through the first two pages and then started slowing down. The nice thing about the test was that they let you know which level each section tested for. I was mostly okay in level two, although my conjugation and declension difficulties became clear. Level three was half guesswork. Level four…I looked at it and decided that I was just going to turn in my test.

But no. The ordeal was not over. I had to go to the oral exam. The speaking part is the thing I struggle with most. My comprehension is not bad, although it goes downhill when I’m tired or panicked. Both conditions were in full force by the time I went into the oral exam room.

Despite the fact that I felt like a poser and was struggling to put sentences together, they seemed very pleased with me. I’ve been placed in Level II and start classes on Monday. I’m very, very excited.

Building up vocabulary is emphasized. Topics may include daily activities, shopping, professions, appearance and employment. The practice of pronunciation is continued.

Oh, and it turns out that one of the oral examiner’s brother works at Lazytown. Small, small country.

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6 thoughts on “Placement test”

  1. Congratulations! That’s wonderful.

    Soon, when people come to your door to bear witness of whatever, you’ll be able to decline in Icelandic in great detail!

  2. Both ideas are great! – Torturing the witnesses with broken Icelandic and NOT torturing us with Icelandic phrases.

  3. I actually like the phrase-a-day concept, although setting up regular features does tie you to them somewhat. And I never associate you with the word /poser/. Although now I can’t get the phrase /without wetting yourself/ out of my head. I don’t recommend it.

  4. Well, now that I’ve installed the new handy-dandy audio feature of my blog, I could just record a word or phrase once a week. It’s only a five week class; that’s not too big of a commitment.

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