Pictorial evidence of the difference three months can make in the life of a cat.

This is Sadie when we brought her home on June 27th. She’d been living on the street before being taken in by CARF. Her fur was coarse and had no undercoat at all.Meet Nellie, our new kitteh. Marlowe hasn't met her yet, but they've sniffed at each other under the door.

This is Sadie on October 10th. While she’s put on a little weight, going from seven pounds to nine, most of what you’re seeing is the recovery of her fur. She’s so soft that it’s like petting a warm cloud. And she purrs now. She didn’t when we got her.

Sadie put on her winter coat while 8 was away.

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7 thoughts on “Pictorial evidence of the difference three months can make in the life of a cat.”

  1. Thank you for rescuing! What a beautiful sweetling!

    I saw this in reverse last year… A handsome young fellow came up to chat with me during a snowstorm in December or January. He looked so healthy, I thought he lived nearby and was accidentally shut out, so gave him dinner and a bed for the night in my garage and let him go on his way the next morning. Three or four month later, after not seeing him at all, the same young man came up to me, wanting to go inside, but he looked terrible — matted fur and dirty — I took him in right away. Clearly, no TLC going on now! I ended up finding him a spot at a no kill shelter and keeping an eye on him until he was adopted some months later. I’m not sure what his story was, but I felt glad that he found me again before too much had embittered him.

    There are few better ways to do good in this world than to rescue an animal if you can.

  2. That looks like such a sweet kitty!

    Just this past month, someone in our apartment complex moved out and left this adorable black and white cat we kept seeing around. We finally ended up taking him in recently and I don’t regret it at all.

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