Outings with Rob and Alaya

For the first time since Halloween, I left the city for non-work reasons. Rob and I took a ride on his motorcycle up to a little town on the Hudson. So cute and so many antique stores. We didn’t buy anything, but it was so nice to have the leisure to just poke into shops and look at things.

Having the hour on the back of the motorcycle to just think and look at trees — and three deer, geese, a wild turkey and her chicks — was incredibly relaxing. I sorted out a story problem that had been stopping me from moving forward in a scene. I knew what the character needed to do, but her motivation for doing it made no sense. Now I’ve got one that does.

When we got back, I did some work on various not-interesting-to-talk-about projects and moved on to outing two. Alaya and I had a writing date. Now, I think we spent half the time writing and half the time chatting. When we’ve had writing dates before, our ratio has been better, but I haven’t seen her in months and we had much catching up to do. It’s bad when the only time you see a local friend is at conventions.

Now, I’m doing layout and feeling cranky about it.

How was your day?

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8 thoughts on “Outings with Rob and Alaya”

  1. Funny you should ask. I spent the day with a friend drinking iced tea and discussing theology mostly, and politics. What else? We sat at a picnic table next to the lagoon that local folks call “Crabbing Beach”. It’s a tidal flat with lots of crabs and clams. We periodically counted heads as her two sons plus their two friends ranged and roamed every where. We all had a swell afternoon in the sun.

  2. Mary, Momk, your days ROCKED! I worked, which I enjoy, (designed a ring for a young couple, did a new window display at the shop), but then exited into yet another chilly drizzly evening. It is fleet week here in Portland, so the sight of all the sailors in their… sailor suits, wandering around was charming, but all the bridges being up while more ships arrived was less so. Later in the day, I happend to drive past Rob and Mary’s portland house. Mary, that adorable orange pom pom shrub you planted is huge, and in glorious bloom.

    1. We’re actually having chilly drizzle today. I said something about it being “lovely” and people looked at me funny. But it’s the sort of day that you get in Portland in early spring that signals that winter is almost over.

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