O’keefe-Merritt, under the hood, before and after

I started the day by biking down to Voodoo donuts to meet Cat and Mr. Rambo for, well, donuts.  Powered by sugar, I came home to spend more time with our stove.

Which means it’s time for before and after pictures of stove!  We’ll not the whole stove, but just the under the hood part. This is what it looked like with all the burners pulled out.

And this is what it looks like, after cleaning.  I think we can probably get the last little bits of rust off the enamel, but largely I’m pleased by how well this part has cleaned up.

Most of today has been alternating between scrubbing things and attacking the grease trap for the griddle with a wire brush and my dremel tool.  It has serious rust, although as I clean it off, it sort of looks like it might be grease with a dusting of rust on top, because the metal underneath is in good shape.  Rob has been dealing with the mechanics and working on the regulators and such.

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