New SFWA website

What did I do this weekend?  Stayed glued to the computer while we were bringing the new SFWA site online.

Go look at how shiny it is!

I am very, very proud of the work the webteam has done.

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11 thoughts on “New SFWA website”

  1. Terrific work on the website. It’s informative, it’s inviting, and it will be good for business.

    Congrats to you and the team.

  2. Scalzi sent me, and I do what he says. 🙂 The site is attractive and user-friendly, which go together less often than they should, so congrats to everyone involved.

  3. Very nice work on the SFWA web site by you and your team. Much better and much needed. One of my readers described it to me as “sexy.” Have a great time at the WorldCon. Wish I could be there.


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