Moving back to Portland, end of August

Rob and I have been in NYC for the past two years on a house swap. That ends on the last day of August. After thinking about it, we’ve decided to move back to Portland, OR. The houseswap was intended to be a way to try NYC out without committing to it. While I’ve enjoyed a lot of my time here, the experiment has not been entirely successful.

People who’ve already heard the news ask me if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In truth it is almost entirely neutral. There are many things I’ll miss about the City, but I truly loved living in Portland. I have friends in both places that I will miss while I’m in the other.

Based on the way my theater life was before moving out here, I expect I’ll still come back on a fairly regular basis for work. Which, of course, adds to the neutrality of the move. It will be hard to miss a place where I plan on coming so often.

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