Mom and Dad visiting

My folks arrived last night to spend the weekend with us.  They were supposed to arrive around noon, but the weather out of Atlanta was apparently foul. Normally I would have been distressed to lose those hours with them, but honestly, after the past week having a little extra time to clean was very welcome.

We went to Picnic for dinner last night which was lovely.

On the way home, we stopped for a bit to watch a show being filmed. Our street gets used fairly often for filming — I don’t know why — so it’s not uncommon to come out and find the whole thing lined with trailers and whatnot.  Last night’s shoot was interesting because they had a rain machine on. So they were stopping passersby, not just for continuity, but so we didn’t get wet.  Needless to say, Dad was fascinated with the rain machine.

I was in bed by midnight and my body seemed a little confused by this, since I woke up –wide awake — around 5:00.  I suspect it will take a little while for me to adapt back to a normal day/night cycle.

Today I think we are headed out to museums and the like.

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2 thoughts on “Mom and Dad visiting”

  1. Say hi to your parents for me.
    And see you in Calgary (I leave for Seattle in an hour–well the airport, anyway…I think my
    6:20pm flight might be delayed too).

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