Missing Iceland

After having Icelandic visitors for the last week, I’m missing the place even more. Daddi and Friða left last night, safely, and our apartment seems empty. As much as anything else, I miss the sound of the language when they would quickly chat with one another. I made a few abortive attempts to use my Icelandic, but have lost most of it. I can still cobble together a sentence, but I’m out of practice at listening to it. It’s starting to blur together into a wash of sound rather than discreet words.

I also miss the lack of bullshit with Icelanders. With an American you so often have to do a social dance to make plans. You know the one.

Host: “I could make muffins or we could go out to a diner for breakfast.”

Guest: “Whichever is easiest.”

Host: “They’re both easy. Which would you like?”

Guest: “Oh, I don’t want you to go to any trouble.”

etc, etc, etc… until it’s time for lunch and the whole thing starts again.

With an Icelander.

Host: “I could make muffins or we could go out to a diner for breakfast.”

Guest: “A diner sounds good.”

So, with that in mind, here’s the Daily Show and their documentary on the effort to get Iceland’s troops back in Iraq.

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7 thoughts on “Missing Iceland”

  1. I do not understand how the Daily Show can get so many people who are able to keep straight faces for their segments, especially given how popular the show is on the Internet and whatnot. How many times do they have to take and retake, I wonder?

    1. Well, in this case, it’s because they are Icelandic. I have never met a drier sense of humor nor a more insidious sarcasm — completely different in style than American sarcasm, mind you, but quite present.

  2. Oh boy, that conversation is very familiar. I will admit to doing that sometimes myself. Yes, it would be refreshing to cut to the chase and say what you want.

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