Looking for help with the Month of Letters Challenge website.

I need help with a website.

A Month of Letters participantLast year I issued the Month of Letters Challenge and, to my surprise, it went viral. I threw together a WordPress website overnight that got us through the challenge. One of the pieces of it was a forum, so that participants could contact each other. Since then, I’ve had some trouble with spammers, so I wanted to go to a more robust forum plugin and thought that I would try BuddyPress but…

I’m having trouble with lettermo.com. Today my host took the site down because a script — the index — was causing too much of a server load. Lord knows what will happen when February hits.

I need to hire someone, because I need to be writing and not trying to remember/figure out how websites work.

At minimum, I need:

  • Forums that will not cause my site to break.
  • Existing users migrated to the new platform

The large wish list is:

  • Forums that will not cause my site to break.
  • Existing users migrated to the new platform
  • Existing forum entries migrated to the new platform
  • A way to let participants show how many letters they’ve sent. (The achievements plug-in for BuddyPress almost looks like it will work)
  • A theme that is easy to maintain (I can provide art)
  • Someone to be on call during February for site issues (with the understanding that this will probably be an additional hourly fee)

I think I can afford to spend $1500 to make the site functional. I know that this is below market rates, so I’m looking for someone who is willing to work with me to figure out how to fit my needs into a realistic task list.

I’ve tried contacting a couple of developers but either I can’t afford them, they don’t do the kind of work I need, or they just don’t return my request for a bid. So, I figure you guys know people. Maybe you’ll know the right person.

Do you know a reliable person with experience in WordPress and Buddypress (or better ideas) who might be willing to work with my budget?

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8 thoughts on “Looking for help with the Month of Letters Challenge website.”

  1. Just saw this retweeted by Scalzi. My business partner (Travis) is going to drop you a line to get some details. We have some ideas for dealing with/fixing the issues you mentioned. Thanks!

  2. As an enthusiastic LetterMo participant, I’d be happy to make a little donation to help support the cost of the project. There’s no reason you should carry it alone!

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