The Japanese cover for Shades of Milk and Honey

I had a wonderful series of emails with my Japanese translator, Fumiyo Harashima, who wanted to make certain that she got all the period details right in the text. I love this sort of thing. We actually wound up doing a small alteration in the text to make it play better for a Japanese audience. Seriously, only one line, because we couldn’t rely on an understanding of all things British.

We changed, “Captain Livingston is to be stationed in our town” to “Captain Livingston has come to stay with her.” The former introduced questions of if the Captain had retired from the navy for her editor.

And… today, I got to see the cover. The dress is not Regency and I so don’t care in this incarnation because OMG Anime JANE!!! The feel is right, even if it’s a romantic era dress.

On Amazon Japan, Google translates the title as “Disgruntled Neighbor and Miss Ellsworth.”
Japanese Shades of Milk and Honey

Please someone, please make a manga of my novel because I want all the art. Please?

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9 thoughts on “The Japanese cover for Shades of Milk and Honey”

  1. Paul (@princejvstin)

    Oh my, yes, manga of Shades of Milk and Honey, with art like this cover? That would be wonderful!

  2. I would read a Glamourist Histories manga in a heartbeat. Especially with art as gorgeous as this.

  3. I love the Google title translation of “Disgruntled Neighbor and Miss Ellsworth”…wow, that’s just awesome!

  4. That’s a… descriptive title. A little too descriptive, actually. Wonder why they didn’t go with a literal translation?

  5. Yes, please let there be a manga in the future. My boyfriend doesn’t read books, but he’ll read manga til the cows come home, and I so want to introduce him to this world and these characters!
    Also, I want to be able to wear a dress like that – if I wasn’t fat and short!

  6. 0.0 This is spectacularly lovely!

    Oh, how I love for your beautiful stories to be translated into some visual form (i.e. manga/anime…or a BBC series?). You write the visuals so… *vibrantly* that I just can’t help picture what a wonder they would be to actually SEE. Seriously, this series is on my list of “books that must be made into movies”.

    Thanks for sharing!

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