In shock

Damaged head
I’m posting while I try to gather my wits. I’d opened the mouth as I planned to insert the scrim. While I had the head open, I peeled back the black fabric on the roof of his mouth to drillout some more holes for the actor to breath more easily. On the second hole, as I was pulling the drill out, it caught in the bear’s fur, spinning it around. The bear clonked me in the head; the drill wrenched out of my hand and the bear head fell to the floor. This is what I saw when I picked it up.

I’m sure it’s all repairable, I’m just, well, stunned. I’m also thankful that I’m not getting on a plane this afternoon as originally planned.

Edited to add: It wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked. It only took about forty-five minutes to fix. Whew.
Isbjorn head

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4 thoughts on “In shock”

  1. It’s an adorable bear.
    And this, “My second try at the crotch gave the bear the biggest package in the world,” is the funniest thing I’ve read all month.

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