2 thoughts on “I’m teaching a short story intensive July 12th-14th”

  1. Hi Mary –

    Your presentation last night in Milwaukee was absolutely stellar. I’ve told so many friends about it since.

    I was fascinated by your creativity and diligence in producing your own Jane Austen lextionary. A Way With Words on NPR would be intrigued to hear of your project.

    The puppet demonstration, the lovely dress, the accented reading and especially the delicious insights in response to the questions all made for a most delightful evening. You have opened a new window to Jane Austen and I look forward to exploring her magical world though your books. Thank you!

    As promised, here is the information on the author who writes mystery books in the era and echo of Sherlock Holms.
    — Laurie R. King; The Bee Keepers Apprentice c. 1994
    — She’s written about 10 more books in the series – the most recent that I know of in 2011. King also creates a clever device to introduce Mary Russell’s adventures with Holms in the first book. Enjoy!


  2. P.S. The layout on the page about your Short Story Intensive is frustrating… the information is too wide & too long to read the content without sliding the vertical & horizontal bars back and forth. I could not find WHERE you are teaching the course. Interested… even though it is already filled.

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