Icelandic Horses in need of rescue. Set for slaughter on Friday

Ellen Vandover just alerted me to some Icelandic horses that are currently in the Zillah feed pens and are in need of rescue. The ages range from 2 – 14 and are based off size, body size and tail length. They are halter broken and normally friendly but in the feedlot they seem pretty timid. Most have had their feet trimmed.

The lastest word is there are still 32 on the lot that have until Friday when they go to slaughter. They are priced by the pound–$375, $475 and $575.

If you know of anyone who would like to save one or more of these Icelandics, they can call Pam at 509-952-3866.

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve been alerted that there may be a scam in play to take rescue money and slaughter the horses any way. Proceed with caution.

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3 thoughts on “Icelandic Horses in need of rescue. Set for slaughter on Friday”

  1. I am a Coloradrian and I have received word about these ponies. There is a local rescue that is trying to get as many of the ponies as they can to save them & bring them back to Colorado. I would like to donate to help save the ponies but I wanted to be sure this wasn’t a scam. I beleive in Zuma Rescue but I am not sure what is going on in Washington. Why isn’t this in the news? Please update with any information you have. I was told Monday was the day of shipment to Canada for slaughter. Please refer to link to help save these ponies & donate.

  2. This scam has finally been put to rest. I am an owner of Icelandic horses and it grieved me to think
    but, this has gone on long enough and the emotional blackmail for money is evil. more info. There are however, icelandic available for adoption @ Flag is up farm in CA. that is Monty Roberts place.

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