HOW did I miss this?

I don’t understand it. Helicopters? Giant marionettes? How in the name of all that is holy did I miss this?

There are so many pieces of footage for it.

How? How did I miss this?

Edited to add: Ah. I missed it because it didn’t happen. No one in Reykjavik saw it and it’s not in any of the papers. It is likely faked, but still very nicely done.

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11 thoughts on “HOW did I miss <b>this</b>?”

  1. How indeed, and when?? Did this happen while you were there? And who?? Is your marionette friend that did the film somehow involved? this must have been a huge undertaking (no pun intended) with funding and permits and such, yet all the footage seems to be of people being surprised by it. So different from the U.S., where something like this would have a huge buildup and crowds and be in vegas, with a buffet and an interactive video game….

  2. FAKED? how do you fake such a thing? It is obviously not computer animated…it leans on buildings, cars back away from it, it seems to be wearing jeans… HOW can this not be in the papers!!! Who has all those helicopters? Who has that much denim? Guerilla uber puppets taking over the city? Isn’t this cause for alarm? You MUST find out more!!

  3. Heh. None of those things preclude it being faked.

    The very fact that it is in none of the papers or television lead me to believe that it is fake. One suggestion is that it is a viral ad for Levi.

  4. ah brave new world we live in that has such things in it. That would refer to giant puppets, computer animation AND viral advertising

  5. So true. Some people are suggesting that it is viral marketing campaign for Levis. I think the label would be clearer if that were the case, but… How is it possible that I haven’t heard about it?

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