Help me title my AMC column?

They’d like to come up with a title for my column at AMC and asked me for suggestions. Other columns are things like, “Masters of SciFi” or “Web Stalker,” for horror. I’ve come up with Cinema Fantastic and Dream Factory, but that is the total of my ideas.

But you folks, you folks are brilliant. Do you have any ideas for a fantasy film column?

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18 thoughts on “Help me title my AMC column?”

  1. Make. Believe.


    Make Believe

    Mary’s Make Believe

    These variants combine the idea of “filmmaking” with the aspect of believing fantasy (when it works).

  2. A few suggestions:

    1. Dreams Externalized as a nod of the head to Campbellian studies.

    2. Reel Fantasy for some wordplay.

    3. MRK’s Fantastique AMC Blog ’cause a little French goes a long way.

  3. Hmmm…

    I was going to suggest, “Shadows in the Cave”, but it’s kind of grim…

    And I guess you can’t use Puck’s entire speech (“If we shadows have offended … “) from the closing of Midsummer-nights Dream.

    so how about…

    Magic Lantern?

  4. Spellbound

    Yes it’s classic Hitchcock and yes, a documentary on spelling bees, but when a fantasy film works, like Fellowship of the Ring, I know of no other apt description. Plus the allusion to fantasy/spells.

    And you used a form in your latest column, “Five Spellbinding Films You Never Knew Were Fantasy”

    So “Spellbound” (or even “Spellbinding”) seems a good title choice for a column on fantasy films.

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