Friends from Portland

Our friend -e- has come into town with her daughter -r-. I must say that eight year old -r- is all that is delightful in a child. She is charming, well-mannered and can amuse herself. I met them on Thursday at the Natural History museum which was, oddly, the first time I’d been in. Though I shouldn’t need to state it, whales are big.

After the museum, we wandered in Central Park for a while. The weather was unbelievable after a season of gray, winter blahs. Warm, with flowers blooming everywhere, it felt like Spring had truly arrived.

In the middle of the lake, a mass of turtles crowded on the only available rock to sun themselves. It was like watching New York’s housing crisis repeat in the animal kingdom.

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5 thoughts on “Friends from Portland”

  1. That’s so crazy – look at this photo I took when I lived in New York! Almost identical. There are some others in that gallery too.

    I love Central Park in the summer. Enjoy! (must make it out there this year)

  2. Wasn’t -r- a clever child,
    to pick such a wonderful

    “Heros are made, not born.”
    ~ charming children,too

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