First snow of the season

I came out of the store and tiny crystals were drifting in the air.  They weren’t even snowflakes, more like glitter. As people stepped out their doors for the first time, they all seemed to repeat the same thing, “It’s snowing!” even when there wasn’t someone with them.  Everyone was walking with their faces up turned and smiling   By the time I got home they had thickened to a proper snow, although there’s no chance that it will stick. Still, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

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3 thoughts on “First snow of the season”

  1. We’ve been getting little bits of snow here and there since Halloween- we still don’t have much (especially for December!) but my kids still made it into the backyard to make the first snow angels of the year yesterday.

  2. I won’t tell my kids. They’ll be insanely jealous. We’ve not had much more than a skiff here (and we live in the mountains!), but I hear it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. They’ll all be praying extra hard tonight.

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