Finding space to write in the cracks of time + Chapter 21 is up

People ask me a lot how I find time to write, given how busy I seem. Today’s chapter was an example of writing in the cracks of time. I was out for most of the day.

  • I had my hair done — Took my computer and wrote in the chair.
  • Went to the fabric store — Wrote on the train there.
  • Went from there to the post office — More train writing
  • Walked home — Thought about the last part of the chapter
  • Home — Wrote down the stuff I’d built up on the walk.

All told, that was close to 3000 words on the novel, plus some on another side project. Some of those spans were only 15 minutes long, but you can get a lot done in a tiny space if you are disciplined. And here’s the thing they don’t tell you when you head into the world of professional writer — you don’t get more time to write. In some ways you get less.

But — for those of you reading along, there’s a new chapter.


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