February 5th – I’m declaring it Mary Elois Jackson Day. Celebrate with me?

Grandma in 1920I feel like, when a date has been celebrated for over a hundred years, that it really ought to be able to continue to be celebrated. Grandma would have been 110 today. This is the first year that I haven’t called her on her birthday since I was old enough to dial the phone on my own.

So! I’m declaring this Mary Elois Jackson Day.

Will you celebrate with me by writing a letter to, or calling the oldest person that you know and love? And then the youngest.

And since a festive holiday should have traditional foods, have some cornbread and/or teatime tassies.

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6 thoughts on “February 5th – I’m declaring it Mary Elois Jackson Day. Celebrate with me?”

  1. That would make a lovely badge for lettermo; the Mary Elois Jackson badge 1, for writing a letter to the oldest person you love & and badge 2 for writing to the youngest person you love. And I’m writing to my Aunt Dot and to my friend’s daughter today, for Mary Elois Jackson Day.

  2. Just last week, in Miami, I met up with a 90 year old friend of my late mother’s. Her son found me and made the arrangements. She is quite feeble, and hugged me for a long time, both of us crying, with her whispering “I am hugging your mother right now”

    I will write her a letter today, thinking fondly of Ms. Jackson.
    Love to you.

    Oh, and David’s cousin just had a baby on 2/2- a welcome letter to baby Maria too.

    What a swell holiday!

  3. I shall dispatch a missive to my 80.5 year old friend. Kinda had a painful few years where the friends in the 90’s were and should be. Have a package that needs sending to a 3 month old.

    Happy birthday, Miz Mary Elois.

  4. *hugs* That’s an awful feeling. My grandma and my favorite aunt died within a year of one another recently. They were the people I called–well, a lot. My alloparents. Lois’s birthday is Monday–she would have been 57. She was something awesome, Mary. Taught me how to write letters, how to have a high tea, took me to cons. I imagine you’re that sort of aunt.

    I like your starting new traditions. There are lots of folks out there who deserve some love. I’m going to call my husband’s grandmothers (both the same age). The youngest chap I know is 7 weeks old, but given his parents’ sleep deprivation. I’ll send a knitted sea turtle instead of calling. 😛

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