Crazy Town

Today started with me, thirty feet above the floor working a marionette of one of the characters. The hero was supposed to rescue two of the characters from their treehouse by swinging out of it on a rope ladder. They tried shooting it yesterday, but the puppets just flopped around like wet laundry. It was awful. I said that I could rig them as a marionette and control the spin.

I stayed late with Adam to work on it and came in early this morning to finish things. It worked on the first take. We did two more for safety, but one of the puppets hit a tree in one of them and the other just wasn’t as good. People applauded.

Then the rest of the morning was fairly standard. BUT at every spare moment we practised running around the building with a cup of water. Why? Because as part of this fitness contest we had a relay race. Our team was the White Whales (we wanted red, but it was taken). We had to run around the building and spill as little water as possible out of a glass. Time was added to your score for lost water. We came in second place. We crossed the finish line last, but spilled almost no water.

I also got my first piece of mail from the States. I was very excited. Thanks Eve!

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