Confessions of a wine widow during crush

My husband is in the middle of crush, at the winery, and is horrifically busy. During this time of year, I express my love by staying out of his way. Normally, when I’m on the road, I call him every day but not during crush. There’s never a good time. It’s never slow.

He calls me when he gets a chance, which isn’t often.

So, when Rob called me yesterday, I said, “This is a pleasant surprise.”

“I’m hydrating yeast so I had a few minutes.”

He’s is such a romantic.

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5 thoughts on “Confessions of a wine widow during crush”

  1. I just finished reading “Flesh and Fire” by Laura Anne Gilman (Vineart book 1) so I  actually understand the subject line (and yes I did notice Rob’s name in the Acknowledgments).

  2. Are you going to ever work winemaking and crush into the
    Regency set series? It would be awesome if you worked in the Veuve .

  3. David W. Goldman

    Your husband has a crush (not on you).

    In fact, because of his crush he has no time to even speak with you.

    Except when he needs to talk with someone about dealing with his crush’s yeast.

    Perhaps you need to rethink this relationship.

  4. Did someone say wine? I love wine! We live 45 minutes from New York State’s Finger Lakes region and we are frequent visitors. So Rob I totally understand your crush!

    Here is a picture of a serious case of New York State “Wine Flu”

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