Caprica Producer Jane Espenson on SciFi

I have been impressed with Jane Espenson’s work as a writer for a long time.  She’s just truly won my heart in this interview.

Q: People have said BSG didn’t need to be science fiction to get the story across. If that’s true, would it be even more true for Caprica?

A: Any story worth telling relates to real life in some meaningful way. Scifi allows you to tell meaningful stories without seeming too preachy — it adds a metaphorical layer between the story and the real world. Scifi is dismissed as ungrounded fluff, but it’s actually the opposite. Caprica is even more about the current state of the world than BSG was — the scifi elements are what allow that.

via AMC – Blogs – SciFi Scanner – Caprica Producer Jane Espenson Redefines Racism in the BSG Universe.

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