Books, KGB, and puppets

This week is definitely about the disparate careers that I have. Yesterday was all about the fiction side of my life. I started the morning at Macmillan Audio with an interview about recording Shades of Milk and Honey. That was fun and strange at the same time. It was lovely to actually get to meet the people that I’ve been talking to on the phone and in email though.  Very dynamic group and I feel like they are really behind the book, which is nice.

Then I went up to have lunch with my editor, the Hugo-nominated Liz Gorinsky (have you voted yet?) and my publicist Cassandra Ammerman.  That was fun and was split between talking about business and just shooting the breeze.

Cassie and I took some time to talk about the upcoming publicity for Shades of Milk and Honey. She also read a review that’s coming out in August that made me faint with delight and relief. Sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit on that one.

From there I headed over to visit some friends and then immediately ran into Rose Fox and Josh Jasper with a group of folks having lunch in the park. New York is such a small town.

KGB in the evening was delightful. Man, I have seriously missed the community here. Mind you, I love Portland and it was the right choice to move back but there are definitely things that I miss about NYC.

Today is all about audition prep. I slept unevenly and am sort of rattling around the apartment until it is time to go. My trainer, who is awesome, emailed me with reminders to stretch and do warmups before the audition. Also to drink plenty of water. It’s really nice to feel like people are looking out for me.

Jodi auditioned yesterday. He and I talked through his experience this morning so I have a few more ideas about what to expect when I go in this afternoon. Really though, none of this speculation matters. They’ll walk us through the puppets and talk about what they are looking for when I get there. It’s all a mental trick I’m performing to keep myself calm and focused on the work.

Because really, gnawing my arm off with nerves would not be useful for a puppetry audition. I’ll need that hand.

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  1. I will not wish you luck, but may your skill shine through at your audition. I’ll be thinking about you!

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