At World Fantasy 2010: Thursday

I did arrive safely at World Fantasy three hours after I’d planned to get here.  The storm system that delayed our arrival in Minneapolis was an inland hurricane.  The bizarre side benefit of this is that it meant that my connecting flight was also delayed so I was merely late and didn’t have to get rerouted.

Both flights were entirely smooth, which is nice, although I did get a nose-bleed upon landing in Columbus. Ah, comedy.

I ran into Kay Kenyon at baggage claim and it turned out that we were on the same flight. We shared a cab to the hotel and had a bite to eat. The nice thing about WFC is that it is like old home week. The sheer density of wonderful people is fantastic.

Today I’ve got a 3 o’clock panel on Puppetry and Fantasy with Kathe Koja in the Fairfield room. People keep asking me if I’m going to bring a puppet and, though I hadn’t planned to, I think I will just in case we veer from the theoretical to practical.

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  1. Bwuh? Without tropical characteristics, no can be hurricane. O_o *Googles* Ah, it was a large area of severe weather with straight-line winds. Hehe. *watches animation* Wow, that’s a nice formation. We usually get things like that here in Florida in the winter. We can’t call them tropical weather formations as the tropics usually have nothing to do with it, so we just call them severe weather with straight-line winds. Can be pretty darn damaging, though. Glad it didn’t delay you for too long!

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