A late call.

I didn’t get called in to work till 3:30 today. This gave me a little time to go Christmas shopping and I think I’m actually finished. This seems rather astounding to me. I also finally went into an antique shop that I’ve been carefully avoiding because it looked too good. I knew I would be tempted by things that I couldn’t get home.

I was right.

So many beautiful typewriters… I did give in and buy some millinary supplies which are really gorgeous. If I could figure out any way to get one of the typewriters home, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It’s an Underwood, but the standard qwerty arrangement is separated into different banks for upper and lowercase. And, it has a beautiful metal and wood cover. As you might guess, it is huge and heavy. Alas.

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2 thoughts on “A late call.”

  1. So, you had all of the daylight to yourself today?
    Post a picture of the typewriter. I can’t imagine.

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