New Coat!

Okay, after much delay, here is my new coat and hat. It’s hard to see the details, sorry, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s fabulous. Here’s a close up of the collar. Sorry that I have no face, this is what happens when you try to take a picture […]

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I ought to apologize, I suppose, for introducing my political views into what has been a travelogue up to this point. We watched the last of the presidential debates last night (Kahlua taped it for us.) which was very exciting, even though we’ve all voted at this point. Then, on the way in to work

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Soccer All Day, Everyday

We’ve been playing soccer for days now. There’s very little for me to do because soccer is not played with the hands. Mostly I’ve just been hanging out on set and getting pillows or carts for the puppeteers. Whee. Fairly dull for me, but better than the days when we all sit in the dressing

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Snow pictures

I meant to post these yesterday, but I left the cable for my camera back at the apartment. This is the view from living room window yesterday morning. And the view from the lunchroom at work in the evening.

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And the Angles Sing

Earlier I referred to the skies opening and the angles coming out to sing. What do angles sound like? Exactly what you’d expect. The sound of angles is produced by high winds blowing across the open ends of pipes causing a wailing, moaning skirl of sound. One refers to this as “angles singing” because the

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I was walking down to the store to pick up some milk for my cereal tomorrow and the wind was snatching at me as I walked. It pushed me around with such force, that I almost didn’t notice the tiny white flakes swirling about me. It’s the sort of snow that you can’t see inside,

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I’ve just realized that I can listen to OPB streaming on the web. The sky has opened and angles have come out to sing Hosannahs. I did not realize how much I’ve mentioned NPR.

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Games Night

Jonathan had planned on having a games night tonight at his place, but at the last minute had to cancel becasue he had to stay at work editing an episode. So, we just convened at my place instead. We played Celebrity, which I had never played before. It works like this: The guests are divided

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Leisurely Saturday

Yesterday the weather was bright and clear, today it’s back to its normal fall overcast. The overcast here is different from Portland, though we have the same silvery light, the clouds change constantly in the sky. Usually, there is a patch of blue somewhere. I went walking through downtown today, to pick up my new

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Last night with the Kowals

Pat and Glenn headed for home at 6:00 this morning. By great coincidence, we had a screening at the studio last night of two new episodes. I actually worked in one of them, which was kind of exciting. Afterwards, we went out to Enrico’s in downtown Reykjavik for dinner. I had such a good time

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Dinner with the Kowals

Last night I went out with Glenn and Pat to 101 Reykjavik for dinner. It was the first time that we really got to spend any time together since they got here. They’ve come for lunch, but I only get a half hour off so that’s not a lot of time for visiting. They’re off

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Carrying the turkey

Do I really need to say anymore? I spent this morning carrying a turkey for Bessie as live hands. I also worked for Þor as Ziggy’s live hands. He was pleased with my work, which was nice. I also got a nice compliment from a third party. Inger pulled me aside and said, “You want

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