Touring the studio

I took Mom and Dad around the studio today and let them watch some stuff. There wasn’t much happening on set, because we’re just doing snow. Theoretically, we’ll do some actual performance, but I don’t know when. Meanwhile, I’ve sent Mom and Dad to the Blue Lagoon.

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Throwing the Lollipop

I seem to spend a lot of time throwing things when I’m on set. This morning I had to throw a lollipop straight up. It kept going a little to the side. Try it. Put your hand over your head, and then try to throw something straight up. Now, do it without looking. Last night

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There was a gorgeous sunset last night. One of the many reasons that I like my apartment is that I can watch sunsets, sunrises and the northern lights from the comfort of my couch.

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Packages from Home

Today was a banner day for packages. One from Rob, including brownies and the New York Times. I’m fairly certain that people include newspaper just as a packing device, but I find myself smoothing out the pages to read them. It’s not like there isn’t material in English here, but it’s nice to have something

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Yoga, Massage and Brunch

I’m not actually called to the studio until noon, but this morning was a yoga morning so we all came in. We’ve asked the massage therapist to go back to Jodi’s place (it’s five minutes from the studio) so we can have brunch and massage in a more welcoming environment. Yay!

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No. Not real snow, but a snow test on set for the Christmas show. We came in to watch it snow and felt actually cold. That might have been because the large door was open, but I think it was the snow. Granted, it’s really shredded paper but it looks more exciting than that.

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The Wind

The weather was lovely today, but incredibaly windy. I went for a walk, and the wind grabbed me as soon as I came out the door. It ushered me all the way into town, pushing me when I wasn’t going fast enough and stopping me in my tracks when it wanted to show me something.

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Sam Paden’s Gallery Opening

The highlight today was Sam Paden’s gallery opening. He’s going to be reviewed on Wednesday in the Grapevine, which is the English language newspaper. Afterwards I went shopping with Suzy and found a coat that I fell in love with. Today was Taxfree day, so the stores weren’t charging tax for anything that was made

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Playing Tourist

Suzy, an friend of Sam and Jodi’s from Portland, was in town this week. I know her from Tapestry Theater, but this was the first time that I’d spent any time with her. The four of us went to the Turf Cottage for lunch. It’s delightful, and has a really wonderful fish soup. You see

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A Day Off

Somewhat surprisingly, I have today off. I’ve been revising and printing out manuscripts of short stories and now I’m off to the post office to mail them. Postcards too!

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I was right. We didn’t work until 4:00 yesterday, but then we were in for the rest of the day, so that was nice. I was frustrated because there was a series of shots that were difficult but didn’t look hard. It was mostly about finding a place where I could reach the things that

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Clever me.

When Raymond dropped me off last night, I realized–after he pulled away–that I’d left my purse at the studio in our hurry to leave. I had no keys, no phone, no money. Fortunately Reykjavik is small, so I walked to the Fron, where David lives, borrowed his car keys to drive to the studio and

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