Mary Robinette Kowal

Kowal, Mary Robinette – On the subject of my name

I’m named after both grandmothers, Mary Elois Jackson and Virginia Robinette “Robby” Harrison. Growing up, Robby always introduced me as “Mary Robinette” because she was so proud that I was named after her. Everyone on Dad’s side of the family called me that. Hi. Did I mention that we’re Southern? I loved it. I loved …

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The Calculating Stars cover image

My accent, Calculating Stars, and identity

A friend of mine was listening to the audiobook of Calculating Stars and said that usually when he listens to audiobooks narrated by friends, he’s like, “Oh good, my friend is going to tell me a story.” Listening to Calculating Stars, he said, “There’s this other woman, Elma, and I’m totally invested in her and there was nothing of …

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RIP Buster

In 2006, we were staying with my parents in Chattanooga for a couple of months. My husband went for a walk to the library and when he came back, Buster had followed him home. We tried to find his owners. He had a collar, but the d-ring was open and no tags. He hadn’t been …

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I am 49 today! Have a story and my process as a party favor.

Hurrah! I became a Level 49 Human today and I’m in Chattanooga to celebrate my birthday with my parents. Mom is leveling up to 80 this weekend so we have a shindig planned. Meanwhile! I have a party favor for you. There’s a short story, “The Worshipful Society of Glovers” that came out last year …

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Ursula K. Le Guin

I’m sitting in an airport. Ursula Le Guin is dead. Several years ago, I recorded some memories to be banked by NPR in case they needed an obituary. This is apparently standard and the way such things are done with Notable Figures. I was assured that she was in good health. That it was just …

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Writing Excuses Retreat 2018

2018 will be our sixth Writing Excuses Retreat: Join us for a cruise in the Caribbean, September 22-30th 2018! Registration is now open! The full details are available on the registration page, but here’s a quick overview: We will board in Galveston, TX, and spend a week at sea, stopping for excursions in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. …

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