June Update: Events, Workshops, and More

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May came and passed in a whirlwind of travel. I had the opportunity to spend time with wonderful people in California, Utah, and Germany. I’m in Kansas now, and then I have a period of rest at home (for which Elsie is thrilled).

While I’ve been traveling, I’ve been keeping up with the WGA strike. I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA and we recently held a vote to authorize a strike. We aren’t actually on strike yet, but it was a step of solidarity with the writers. I am tired of creators being treated as disposable. Writing is hard. It is important. The WGA members are asking to be fairly compensated for their work. I stand with them.

There’s another reason May was notable: I’ve officially finished drafting the next book in the Lady Astronaut universe: The Martian Contingency. I’m tidying it up now, and then I’ll be sending it out to a second round of beta readers.

Looking forward, I have some exciting classes coming up in June, for both Patreon members and the general public. I would love to see you there.

On the Patreon side, did you know I have a book club?

Every three months we feature a different book, and I invite the author in to answer your questions. In June, I’m excited to host Ursula Vernon for a discussion of A House with Good Bones. If you want a chance to meet Ursula and join the conversation, you can sign up for the Book Club level of Patreon.

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    (Public Classes, Awards, and More)

    Patreon Bonus for May: Spare Man Swag!

    Unlocking Story Structure Using the MICE Quotient: June 11 at 1pm Eastern

    Upcoming Class: Unlocking Story Structure with the MICE Quotient

    June 11 at 1:00PM Eastern

    Have you been stuck on your story? In this month’s class we’ll dig into the MICE Quotient, a simple organizational structure that applies to almost every story, fictional or nonfictional.

    During this session you’ll learn about each aspect of the MICE Quotient and how to use it as a tool for structuring your stories.

    Unable to attend live? Don’t worry, a recording will be made available to all registrants.

    Locus Magazine Interview

    It’s an honor to see my name on the cover of the May 2023 issue of Locus Magazine. My interview, “The Future of Many Pasts” shows up alongside an interview with C.L. Clark and a spotlight on artist Ed Binkley.

    If you’re not familiar with Locus, it’s the magazine that tells the storyteller’s stories, through interviews, industry news, and featured columns.

    Read the full interview.


    The below events are open to anyone who becomes a Patron at a participating level. If the below sessions are of interest to you, you can head here to become a Patron.

    banner saying book club, Ursula Vernon, a house with good bones

    Book Club: A House with Good Bones by Ursula Vernon

    June 20 at 8:00PM Eastern

    Book Club level patrons will have the chance to meet with author Ursula Vernon (also known as T. Kingfisher) to chat about her book, A House with Good Bones. The story itself is a haunting Southern Gothic that explores the dark, twisted roots lurking just beneath the veneer of a perfect home and family.

    Grab your copy, join Patreon at the Book Club level, and come meet the author!

    Patreon-Exclusive Class: Unlocking Session

    June 26th at 8:00PM Eastern

    Each month, I host a private writing class for Patrons at the Class Level. In June, I’ll pick four volunteers at random to help unlock a thing that the writer is stuck on. It can be anything currently blocking you. Popular questions revolve around plot, character, voice, and writer’s block. 

    Our volunteers will have the chance to talk through their problem in a safe setting, while receiving guidance to get past the barrier. Whether your problem is chosen or not, these sessions are a great opportunity to gather new tools for your toolbox.

    (Upcoming Events and Appearances)

    You can view my entire event calendar here, but below are some highlights from June and July.
    • June 2nd – 4th in Kansas City, MO: Guest of Honor at ConQuesT 54. Learn More.
    • June 20, Online: Class at the Cursiva Curso de Escritura Creativa. Learn More.(Note: This event is offered in Spanish!)
    • July 15-16, Columbus, OH: I’ll be a featured author at the Columbus Book Festival.
    • July 23, Online: Join me virtually for a live class about Middles & Try/Fail Cycles.Learn More.

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