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National Theatre

Rob and I went to the National Theater to see Klaufar og kóngsdætur, Ævintýraheimur H.C. Andersens (Rude Lads and Royal Ladies,The Fairytale world of H.C. Andersen) which had some puppetry by my friend Bernd Ogrodnik. I was expecting the show to be forty-five minutes, which is how long most kid’s shows are in the states. Nope, it was a full-length production–in Icelandic. That was a little too long to be clueless about what was happening. The production values were high, but I only knew what was happening in the stories which I already knew.

Chattanooga airport

I’m sitting in the Chattanooga airport on my way to New Jersey. McCarter Theater is bringing me up to talk about the Arabian Nights set. It’s built, thank goodness, but there are some questions so Chris Parks, the director, wants me to come watch a rehearsal and meet with the TD. I’ll come back to Chattanooga on Friday.

Pizza and a Movie Night

Rob and I went down to visit our friends David and Eve this evening for one of our traditional pizza and movie nights. The offering this evening was Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I had missed when it was in the theater.

I loved it. Not only is it beautifully filmed, the story is told almost completely without words. It’s the closest you’ll get to a silent film these days. Sure, there’s dialogue, but most of the story is told with looks or action.

Life is a caberet

It’s not often that I say, “I had a really great day on the boat.” But tonight’s cruise was a lot of fun. I worked lunch, which was fine. It was a very, very easy cruise. Then dinner was a blast. It was a tour group of retirees. They were in town from Ashland to go see Lion King. So they were all theater fans, and loved the fact that the wait staff sang. In fact, at the end of the cruise, we just started going through songs like it was a caberet. It helped that Jill was on the piano. She’s got a really good sense of fun.

Drive in

Last night Rob and I checked out a flex car and drove down to the drive-in movie theater in Newburg. It was sold out, so we came home and rented a movie. While we were watching it, we heard a loud crash outside. I thought it might be a gunshot, but Rob thought it sounded like a car ran into a telephone pole. He went outside to check, at 11:02 p.m. (I checked) but didn’t see anything. So he came back in and we finished watching the movie.

It turns out we were both wrong. The sound we heard was someone running into our truck. We found it this morning as we were about to loan it to Wayne so he could run some errands that required a little more trunk space than the average Miata has. Rob has phoned the insurance company and the police, but neither of us have hopes of anything coming of it. It’s probably just enough damage to eat our deductible without actually getting the insurance company to pay for it.

Audio recording of “Rampion”

I almost for got in my frustrations of yesterday. I got an email from The First Line yesterday.

Hi, Mary –

We’d like to use your story Rampion for an upcoming edition of TFL on Tape. I don’t know if you have the ability to read and record the story yourself, but if you do, we’d like you to give it a shot. If not, Robin is more than willing to do the reading. Regardless of who does the reading, we’ll pay … for the rights to that specific audio version. What do you think?

Do I have the ability to read and record? Let’s see…I work with an award-winning audio theater company and I’m married to an audio engineer. Yeah. Yeah, I think I could record that.

Scenic Design

I’ve been working on Arabian Nights design around helping out with Shimmer and am pretty pleased with what I’m doing, if I do say so myself. We’ll see what Chris and Emily say when they see the drawings.

Gardens, computers and movies

We worked in the garden today and planted squash, cucumber and basil. I’ve been working on getting the info off my computer so I can send it out for repair. It has had an unpleasent purple stripe down the screen for the last year and this is the first opportunity I’ll have to do without it.

In the evening, we biked to the Roseway theater to see Star Wars. Hmm…if I focus on it as space opera then it’s easier to get over the grandiose plot, but it’s hard to get past the dialogue. There were lots of scenes that seemed to consist of, “Hello, I have important exposition to provide.” “Why, thank you for that exposition. May I provide some exposition in return.”

Arabian Nights

Emily and I came up to McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ to work with Chris on our final designs for Arabian Nights. We spent all day in a very long, great meeting going over set and puppet choices. Chris and his wife Jamie are letting Emily and me stay at they home so we don’t have to do the long commute back to New York.

Delivering the fish

I was supposed to take the Big Fish down to the theater and install it today, but there was a mix up with the ladder. So, tomorrow I’ll go down and hang–or rather direct the union guys on where to hang–the big fish

To New York

For those of you keeping score… I’m going to New York today to work on Arabian Nights for McCarter Theater. Key players will be Emily DeCola and Chris Parks. Stay tuned for details.

Coming up next– On Friday, our intrepid adventurer goes to Atlanta.

Little Shop of Horrors

I have just landed a dream job. Ector Theater in Odessa, TX is contracting me to build, and design, a brand-new set of Little Shop puppets. I won’t quote numbers here, because that would be rude, but it is enough to hire a shop space and employee stitchers, mold-makers, and builders to make a really hot set of puppets. Which means that I have enough work to be able to afford to stay in Portland until July. At least. AND they are bringing me down to perform in the show. Hurrah! I don’t have a physical contract in hand but they’ve accepted my bid and sketched the details of the contract via e-mail.

Did I mention that this means I get to stay home with Rob?


After Rob picked me up last night, we came home relaxed for a bit and then went to see Hero at the Laurelhurst. I’ve been wanting to see it for months, but the subtitles would have been in Icelandic had I gone while I was in Reykjavik. Not so helpful. The film is extremely good, and if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. Try to see it on a big screen. That’s part of why we went last night, because it is leaving the theater on Thursday. And I needed to stay up later so that my internal clock would adjust.

I got up with Rob at 6:30 this morning. It’s 8:00 now and it’s already light outside. That’s very odd.

Two days and counting.

Today is the second to last day of shooting. The atmosphere is a little giddy, though that might have something to do with fatigue. We worked till eleven thirty last night. It’s like tech week in theater, except Friday is the day the show closes instead of opening night. It’s a little odd.