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Our 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, I married Rob on the front porch of my parents house.  I remain deeply in love with him. As such, I’m taking today off from the internetto hang out with my sweetie.

Have a slideshow of wedding pictures while I’m away.

Touring memories and yet not a tour

Rob and I had to go out of town this weekend and I was struck by how many of the  places we visited had a touring memory attached to them.  I played in elementary schools all over the place and we were very much in my old stomping grounds this weekend.

At one point, we needed to get diesel for the car and Rob said that he thought he’d wait until we exited for our next turn. I thought that there weren’t any options at that exit — and I was right. It was weird.

If you were in elementary school in Washington or Oregon in 1995-97 or in Idaho in 1993-1995 or 1998, then  I almost certainly performed for you. It is a little awkward how many adults I run across that have memories of seeing me perform or rather of seeing the shows that I performed.

Dear Universe, Please give my husband a job

Dear Universe,

Please give my husband a job. He’s a really good guy and has been looking for a long time now. At least, nineteen months of sending out resumes and looking for a job, seems like a long time. I know that it is hard for everyone. Truly, I do, but I have a very smart husband, who I adore, and not working makes him sad.

So could you please check your job listings and see if there’s a spot he might fit?  The field doesn’t matter. “All work is noble” quod he.

I am linking to his website for your reference but would be happy to forward his resume in any format that you require.

Many thanks for your time and attention.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Robinette

Happy Birthday, Rob

Today is my best beloved’s birthday.

He is something of a minimalist in aesthetic so doesn’t like to receive gifts.  For years, my practice has been to give him subtractive presents.  This has been things like gift certificates to remove the item of his choice from a room, or a day without internet. Sometimes, it involves repairing an item which he is fond of so that it doesn’t need to be replaced.

This year, I am editing the apartment to remove some clutter.

We might go see a movie later. We might stay in. Either way, I will bake a peach cobbler.

Heading back from the Rainforest + Chapter 12’s draft

Rob and I are heading back from the Rainforest Writer’s Village. It was a lovely retreat. I wrote 10,656 words while I was here and am now past the halfway mark with The Transfigured Lady.  Woo!

For those of you reading along, I posted Chapter 12‘s draft

Here’s a tiny teaser.

Someone shook Walker’s shoulder. “Mr. Browning?”

He woke with a start, face pressed against the Eames’s kitchen table. Light from a shake-lamp bobbed across the table, paining his eyes. His whole right arm seemed nothing but pins and needles.

Miss Parker crouched in front of him. Worry creased her brow. “Are you all right?”


Rob’s view of the Rainforest Retreat >> The Ear Directs the Eye

Rob came with me to the Rainforest Writer’s Village. I thought he would enjoy the quiet.  He’s just written a post about being here, which I think demonstrates the difference in the way we respond to our environment as well as being a good example of why I adore him.

I find my self today on the shores of Lake Quin­ault.  The two dozen writ­ers con­vened here dis­play an intrigu­ing range of coun­te­nances and no doubt tal­ent – but I have no basis for com­men­tary, but in this serene and pre­his­tor­i­cally quiet set­ting, I was hop­ing to encounter voices. I must be patient, for it takes days to habit­u­ate to one’s sonic envi­ron­ment, to hear anew.

Read the full post at Robert Kowal » The Ear Directs the Eye.

Incidentally, the next post, An Actor’s Terroir, is also really interesting.

Travel Day — To Hawaii

Among the many bonuses of being married to Rob, comes the fact that I like his parents.  I would like them even if they didn’t live in Hawaii.

We are off to visit for the week.  Try not to feel sorry for me.

Robert Kowal BLOGS!

In a move that will surprise many of the people who know my husband, he has begun a blog.  The nature of it, however, will not be surprising at all.  Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the experiment.

“Reality has passed completely into the game of reality.” – Jean Baudrillard.1

My undertaking here is quixotic perhaps and, I suspect of myself, disingenuous, disdainful and condescending; thus it is perfectly suited to the Internet which purports to sate our intellectual curiosity, liberate us politically, and heal us socially while it (or rather we) dissipate in its confabulatory hallucination.

You may read his words over at Robert Kowal » BLOG.

Video: Thriller on the ukulele

Rob is listening to Jake Shimabukuro’s live album and his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller just came on. Oddly, it makes me more aware of the musicality of the piece than all the zombies did.

The shocking affair of the airship OR why we were an hour and a half late.

Fortunately, I have learned to leave plenty of extra time when I travel.

We caught the shuttle with no problems but then, not surprisingly, traffic to Atlanta was backed up because of two different accidents.  The shuttle wound up arriving at the airport an hour late, which caused some of the other passengers concern, but was okay for us.

Security was no problem, thank heavens. We boarded the flight on time and they shut the boarding door, preparing for an on-time departure.

Then they reopened the boarding door.  This is generally not a good sign.

The captain came on to announce that they were having some maintenance issues in one of the forward galleys.  Then he came back on to say that the maintenance issue was a short in one of the warmers which had given the flight attendant a “rather severe shock” and they would have to replace her.

She walked off under her own power, accompanied by two paramedics, but looked a little pale.

Sadly, her lack of grounding meant that we were grounded. At least until they got that fixed and got a new flight attendant in.

Apparently this was complicated because of the snow in the northeast, which meant that a light of flight crews were also stranded. The pilot said, “Frankly, I’m not sure they even know where everyone is right now.”

During the next hour and a half, the crew was attentive.  They even pulled a couple people off the flight who were obviously going to miss their connections and rebooked them from Atlanta.  We also got random influxes of other passengers, which I suppose were people who were being rebooked themselves.

We got home an hour and a half late, but with our luggage and health intact, so I really can’t complain.

But for those who were wondering if Rob cancelled out my travel karma, I have to say… no. No, he doesn’t.

Heading back to Portland after a lovely Christmas

Rob and I are heading back to Portland today.  It’s been a lovely trip and I always find myself wishing I’d scheduled more time.  The weather, alas, has completely failed to snow us in, despite my wishing it would.  It is sunny and beautiful outside with lingering mounds of snow on the grass and nothing to impede the roads.

But… just in case people want to avoid my travel paths.  We’ll take the noon shuttle to Atlanta and then take a 4:30 flight back to Portland getting in around 7pm Pacific.  Hopefully, we’ll be home by 8:00 tonight.

Safe arrival in Chattanooga

Rob and I had a very smooth trip here. Our flight had a tailwind so we got in at 1:20 and had been scheduled to arrive at 1:55. Then our luggage was the first one off the plane so we managed to catch the earlier shuttle to Chattanooga arriving here an hour early.

We had dinner with my folks, helped with some tree decorating and are now enjoying a fire in the fireplace.

Back from fetching the car

Rob and I had a stress-free trip to Seattle, where we retrieved the Mercedes.  We did a little bit of shopping and then drove home without problems.

The cats seem surprised to see us.

Heading to Seattle to retrieve the car

The Mercedes is ready! It was actually ready last week, but Rob and I were still feeling poorly so asked if we could put off fetching it until we were better.  We’re taking the train up to Seattle where we will spend a little time playing tourist and then drive back down to Portland.

At least. This is the plan.

Just call me Typhoid Mary

You might recall that I made a passing reference to being ill last week and that Rob was also ill.  Yesterday, we both went to the doctor. The good news is that it isn’t pneumonia.

Rob had been at work with two people that had pneumonia for a couple of days the week before this hit so it was in the range of possibile illnesses. The bad news is that I was contagious for the past week and saw a lot of people. Hence this post of warning.  Doom!

Did you see me last week and get sick a couple of days later?  Don’t worry, it’s just a respiratory infection but a fairly unpleasant one.  The doctor thinks it is not the flu.  Here are my symptoms.

  • Starts with a head cold
  • Adds a fever and a sore throat
  • Nasty cough
  • Green phlegm
  • Some nasal congestion, but mostly chest
  • Aches
  • Rob got shaking chills and night sweats
  • We’ve both been sick for over a week.  Rob for ten days, me for eight.

They’ve got us both on antibiotics to which it is already responding.  The point is, if you saw me and you got sick about two or three days after, don’t mess around. Go to the doctor.

And I’m sorry about that. Until the fever hit, I thought the cough was from all the travel.