Pining for Rob

I talked to Rob very briefly tonight.  The area he’s in gets spotty cellphone coverage, at best, so I’ve had one text message from him, but otherwise it’s been radio silence.  He found a place tonight where, if he didn’t turn his head, I could hear him.  le sigh. I miss him.

Which is absurd, when you think about it. I mean, I worked in Iceland for six months without him.  For the first three years of our marriage we spent about half of it apart due to our varying schedules. Being separated is not a new thing.

But, it’s the first time I’ve been alone in the apartment without him and all the near misses of our schedule for the next month are comic.

We just had the realization that even if I take the last train from NYC to Boston, it will still depart before he arrives back from the film shoot.  So now I’m trying to decide if I want to take an early train on Friday or just give in and go up Thursday without seeing Rob.  I say again, le sigh.

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8 Responses

  1. Michael Curry

    Well, if you head to Readercon on Friday morning you still get much of Friday, all of Saturday, and then Sunday as well at the con. I’m not going to be making it up there until sometime Friday afternoon myself.

  2. -e-

    Ouch… an awful lot of pressure, putting off your departure in hope of a “hello and goodbye” hug. Putting faith in the vagaries of traffic and trains.

    The timing of the month indeed seems a comedy worthy of an operetta… will you be disguised as a page perchance? Surely the dying dog will be a pivotal plot point before all is revealed and there is a joyous reunion! With singing!

  3. -e-

    Alternately, a Marx brothers film, an extended scene in a hotel lobby, revolving doors, Rob hidden by a passing luggage rack, the elevator doors close just before he spots you. Mayhem ensues, and suddenly, Harpo is holding your leg.