My experience with

Edited to add: In 2009, the original shut down. In 2011, Virtucon Ventures ( purchased the domain. They are not associated with the original or Mr. Pratt, and will be re-launching the site in April of 2012.

This page remains as an archival record of my correspondence with Mr. Pratt but should in no way reflect on the new organization.


Edited to add: October 1, 2009. has apparently shut down.

Edited to add: Sunday, August 23rd, 12:50 am

John Pratt, Co-Founder of, has emailed me privately to work out refunds for the people who donated money to me through Fundable.  He has given me permission to post his emails, which I am going to do at the bottom of this post because I do think it is important to read things chronologically.

Further edited to add: Sunday, August 23rd 8:24 am
The paypal refund to Donor 2 has been received.  Mr. Pratt sent screenshots of the checks to Donor 1 and my dad.  Those are scheduled to go out on Monday and arrive by the 31st.

Original Post begins here:

You know. I wasn’t going to blog this, but I just saw a friend thinking about using and realized that I ought to provide a warning.

Back in January, my computer died and several friends and family members offered to chip in and help me buy a new one for my birthday. I found and did a little research on them. There were no negative references to them and they seemed completely legitimate.   Seemed is the operative word here.

On their website they explain what happens when you don’t raise enough money.

“Fundable acts as an intermediary between groups (ad hoc or otherwise) and the trustee (or Group Leader) who collects their money. After a group action reaches a predetermined collection goal, Fundable transfers deposits from members of the group action to the Group Leader. In the case a group action expires before collecting enough contributions to meet its target, Fundable refunds all payments associated with the group action. “

So, I set up the fundraiser and because my friends and family rock, I met my goal on the day I set up the account.

All day, I got emails like this:

This e-mail confirms that [name]  has pledged support to:

Marys birthday computer (groupaction.2009-01-05.3541594791)

That’s great news, but remember, you only have until 1/31/2009 to raise $760.00 more or all $560.00 collected so far will be refunded.

Culminating with:

You have met your goal and now have $1910.00 in contributions!

Followed by:

Your PayPal payment will be sent within 48 hours following a review of the collection’s payments.

This was the first hiccup in the process. Nowhere on the site does it say anything about needing 48 hours to review the payments. I’ve searched. It still doesn’t say anything, but I gritted my teeth and waited out the 48 hours.

January 8th, I sent the following email to, the only email listed on their site at the time.


My fundable concluded on January 5th and I received an email at 10:36 pm stating that the money would be transferred to me within 48 hours. I was wondering if you could let me know the status of the transfer? I’m sorry to be impatient.

Thank you for your time and attention.


On January 13th, I sent the following email.

Dear Fundable,

Please tell me the status of my disbursement. It is listed on my
fundable account as having been disbursed, but I have not yet received the funds in my paypal account.

My fundable account name is maryrobinette.  The fund completed on 01/05/2009 10:37 PM EST.  Significantly more than 48 hours have passed.


I called their 1-800 number which goes straight to voice mail and left messages, but never heard back from them.  That and the email were the only ways to contact them.

At one point, they had a chatroom set up and a jpratt was in there. I asked if he were John Pratt, the founder, and he said he was.

I did not save the transcript of this chat, and I wish desperately that I had. Paraphrased, he told me that there were irregularities with my fundraiser, because I had contributed money myself.

a) Their guidelines suggested that.

b) That’s fine, but why hasn’t someone contacted me or any of the people who donated money?

On January 22nd, I sent the following email.

Dear Mr. Pratt,

I have attempted through several emails and a chat session on the Fundable site with you to find out the status of my funds.  Since I have received no communication back, whatsoever, I’m forced to take action to retrieve the funds I placed in the account and to ask my friends and family to attempt to reclaim theirs.

I am deeply disappointed.  Your site is such a good idea. It’s too bad the execution is so flawed.


Since I had email records from them, on who pledged what, I deleted all the pledges hoping that would trigger an automated refund. No luck.

Then! Behold! On January26th, I got this email from them.

Dear maryrobinette,

Congratulations!  It takes a lot of work to run a successful fundraising campaign, and whether you raised the total amount you needed for “Mary’s birthday computer” or just part of a larger fundraising strategy, we’re thrilled that you were able to reach your goal on!

We wanted to take this opportunity to ask you for feedback.  We hope you found Fundable an easy and friendly place to raise money, but if there’s anything we can do to improve our service, please e-mail us to let us know.

We also want to hear you success stories!  We’re publishing a monthly newsletter, so if you have any interesting anecdotes, stories about what happened after you got the money, or advice for future group leaders, please send it on.

Finally, if you’re still looking for more funds, we’d love to see you use again, but we also wanted to let you know about Pay Day One, our partner who specializes in loans for projects just like yours.  As a Fundable member you’re pre-qualified so please visit Pay Day One to see how they can serve you.

Please visit our website to check out some of our other active projects, and let your friends know how you used Fundable for your Fast Secure Fundraising.

So, clearly they can send me email when they want to. Just, you know, not in response to queries or anything involving disbursing funds.

I replied:

Are you kidding me?

I’ve been trying to get a response from for twenty days now and have heard nothing back. After my fundraiser completed, I waited the requisite 48 hours for the review of my funds and then for them to appear in my paypal acccount. I heard nothing. I emailed. Nothing. I waited a week and emailed again. I heard nothing. I found John Pratt in the chat room on Fundable and inquired with him. He said that he would email customer service on my behalf. I waited another week and then emailed a third time explaining that if I did not hear back that I would begin a paypal claim.

Which I’ve begun and have instructed my donors to do as well.

Is there anything you can do to improve your service? Yes, respond to emails and communicate with your clients.

Sincerely yours,

I’ve also had an email from them on March 5th called “ tips and tricks for trying again.”

Those two emails are the sum, total, of correspondence I’ve received from them since the fundraiser concluded.

I’ve since challenged them for my paypal payment and got that money back. But My dad still hasn’t gotten back the $700 he pledged and other people are waiting for theirs. I think they are still holding some $1410. It pisses me off no end.  Oh, and yes, Rob and I wound up going into a bit of debt because I’d ordered the computer when the fundraiser completed. Funny thing, I started the fundraiser because we couldn’t afford a new computer on our own.

You should read their FAQ and all the parts about refunding money.  I particularly like all this part:

Fundable holds your pledge until the project reaches its goal, and then collects payment. This works much like a self-serve gas station in which your credit card is “authorized” before you pump gas.

If a collection falls short of its goal on deadline, Fundable deletes your pledge and you have paid nothing.

Any day now…

Edited to add: Saturday, August 22, 2009, 5:02 pm

Mr. Pratt stopped by the blog at 11:35 last night to reply to my post. I had emailed him a link when I put it up, because it only seemed fair.   Though he responds to several other commenter and those are worth reading, I thought that I would add his comments here to make them easier to spot:

Hi Mary,

Every company has customers who fall through the cracks.
I am very sorry that you were one of them.

I am investigating your collection and I will get back to you by email.



I replied at 12:30 am:

You know. You said pretty much the same thing when you chatted with me back in January. I notice the chat room is no longer in existence on the site, by the way.

I’m curious. Are you here because I emailed you with a link to this — in which case we know that my emails get through — or because it turned up on your Google Alert?

I look forward to your email.

He responsed at 3:30am this morning and I do appreciate him taking the time to do that on a weekend.


Yes, I am responding to your blog post because you sent me the link to this page by email. Also, an angry storm is building from your blog post.

I have checked the details of your collection and it is marked as deleted, which means that all of your contributor’s pledges should have been voided.

If there are any outstanding payments from your contributors that we have not refunded, I certainly want to know about it. Once again, I’ll get back to you by email.

The irony of the intense anger of these blog comments, accusing Fundable of being a “scam,” is that we constantly must delete the projects of fraudsters who are gaming our web site with fake credit card numbers, which costs us thousands of dollars in chargebacks.

The overwhelming majority of projects are paid promptly, without issue. Otherwise we would not be able to operate.

All commenters who have questions about Fundable (or its legitimacy) may email me at johnpratt [at]


Me at 9:03 am

Thank you for responding so quickly now that an angry storm is building. It’s good to know that my email didn’t slip through the cracks.

As a reminder from my blog post, I deleted the individual contributions after not receiving any reply from because I hoped that it would trigger automated refunds for my friends and family. It did not.

I do look forward to your email.

Mr. Pratt’s next replied to another commenter at 2:50, but it bears directly on this so I’ll include it.

No one writes passionate blogs posts about how they received their money on time from Fundable. It is a non-event. The few cases that go wrong for a company are the ones that attract the most attention and provoke intense anger.

What makes blog readers worry is that they fear we are not held to the same level of accountability as a publicly traded company. But what they may not know is that we rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth to for our traffic. If our users can’t use our service, they won’t recommend it to other people.

Successful projects finish every day, without issue:

While commenters are quick to ask, “what are you doing now for Mary?” we are in the process of investigating why Mary’s contributors did not get refunds (if in fact that is the case).

Again, anyone with questions can e-mail me at johnpratt [at]


The page Mr. Pratt directs us to does show successfully completed projects. My project also successfully completed, as you can see from this screenshot I took on January 23rd.

Mary's birthday computer - Google Chrome 1232009 120433 AM

I had deleted one of the contributions, for $50, hoping to trigger an automated refund since the funds had not been disbursed to the group leader.  Only after I did that did I realize that the software keeps no online record of changes to the account.  A deleted record simply doesn’t show up anymore.

I’ve had emails from Mr. Pratt starting at 2:59pm letting me know that he is trying to discover what happened with my account.  I will let you know the outcome.

Continuation of Sunday, August 23rd, 12:50 am edit:

Mr. Pratt has given me permission to post our correspondence.

At 2:59 I got this email:

Hi Mary,

I’m looking into your collection and from our end it looks like all of your contributions were refunded.
But, you say that’s not the case so we plan to dig deeper.  To do this, I need to ask you about your collection.  I also want to get a better idea of what you experienced in January so that doesn’t happen again.
Would you be willing to discuss this over the phone?
You can call me or I can call you at your convenience.
My cell is [redacted]

I replied at 3:06 pm

Dear John,

I’m on the phone with my father now and he wants to know when the refund went through so he can look for it.

This is the email I received about his contribution.

Dear maryrobinette,Your collection has a new contributon!
This e-mail confirms that handsaw@… has pledged support to:
Marys birthday computer (groupaction.2009-01-05.3541594791)
You have met your goal and now have $1910.00 in contributions!


John Pratt at 4:02 pm

Hi Mary,

So far I uncovered one transaction by you for $500.00 that was refunded on January 5.  I will send details.

Can you give me your father’s name and I’ll look up his transaction?


Me at 4:20 pm

Dear John,

That is very interesting. I initiated a claim with paypal on January 22nd to recover my $500 seed money. By my records, and the ones on Paypal’s claim center, that refund went through on January 27th, not January 5th.

My father’s name is [redacted]. However, my father asked me to do use the credit card linked to his account but in my name rather than having to go online himself. The email address that it was tied to that transaction is [redacted]  The amount was $650

I’ve spoken with [Donor 1], who donated $50 and he said that he hasn’t received his refund.

When I last spoke to [Donor 2], he hadn’t received his refunds either. I have sent him an email today to see if this is still the case. He made three pledges, thinking they were anonymous, $10, $400, $300.

If it would help, I have screen shots of the transactions which I took on 1/23/09.  The only one missing is [Donor 1]’s because I deleted it before realizing that no record would be kept in the online.  I have not posted the shots because I need to get permission from the donors first.


Me again at 4:29pm

Dear John,

I’ve heard from [Donor 2] now and he also says that he’s received no refund that he knows of.  Perhaps if you could give us the time, date and mechanism by which these took place, it would help.


John Pratt at 4:59pm

Ok.  Once we account for all of the non-refunded contributions, would you like us to send you the total at [my email address]?  No fee, of course.


Me at 5:10pm

Dear John,

How are you going to account for them?  Will I see records of the contributions that are refunded?

And no, thank you, I would like you to refund the money to my friends and my father.


I’m going to pause here to explain why I made that choice.  I’m not normally comfortable with sponging of my friends or family but I justified it in my fuzzy little brain by the rationale that my 40th birthday was coming up.  Everyone I asked to chip in was someone who was likely to give me a present.  Though we could not afford the new computer at the time, I had to have one so we bought it using the credit card, believing that the proverbial check was in the mail.  Since then, I sold my first novel and the signing check went in part to pay off the computer.

Back to our story.  John Pratt, 5:28 pm:

There is a 60-day window for refunds for our payment service provider, PayPal.  So, what that means is that we will have to issue checks in the mail to your contributors or send them payments by PayPal.

I am sorry that it is this way.

I am looking up the names that you mentioned and accounting for how much they contributed.

When my customer service representative gets back on Monday, I will try to find out why there were no responses to your initial emails.  I searched my own email archive on my computer and I can’t find your name.


Me at 6:14pm

Dear John,
On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 5:28 PM, John Pratt wrote:

There is a 60-day window for refunds for our payment service provider, PayPal.  So, what that means is that we will have to issue checks in the mail to your contributors or send them payments by PayPal.

I am sorry that it is this way.

I am too.  It would have been so much easier to deal with back in January.

Please paypal [Donor 2]
[email address]
Please mail checks to:
[My dad + address]

[Donor 1] plus address

I will update the post on my website when you tell me the payments have gone out and also when they are received.

I am looking up the names that you mentioned and accounting for how much they contributed.

Since you said that everyone had received refunds, I’m not clear why you are having such trouble finding the names and what they contributed. To help, I have attached a screenshot of the payment screen. I had already deleted [Donor 1]’s contribution before taking the shot. The first donation listed “Mary Kowal” was the seed money your tips recommended adding to a fundraiser. That was refunded on January 27th, five days after I placed a claim with Paypal.  The second donation listed “Mary Kowal” is my father’s credit card, [Dad’s full name]

I also have attached a .doc with the emails I received from Fundable in response to each contribution.  I can forward the actual emails to you if that would help.

When my customer service representative gets back on Monday, I will try to find out why there were no responses to your initial emails.  I searched my own email archive on my computer and I can’t find your name.

At the beginning of the year, the only email address that I could find on was  It and the 800 number were the only visible means to contact the company although briefly you had a chatroom up. You, or someone claiming to be you, and I chatted. This is the one piece of documentation I didn’t record and I regret that I have to paraphrase from memory.  I gave you my account info and you looked up the fundraiser.  At the time you said that there were irregularities because two of the donors had my name and three donations came from the same person. You said that you would email customer service to find out what was happening with my account.

Since my name isn’t in your email archive, I take it you never contacted your customer service department.

John Pratt at 10:00 pm

OK.  I have the following:
$500 – Refunded to Mary on January 27
$10 + $400 + $300 – Requires PayPal payment to [Donor 2 + email]
$50 – Requires check sent to [Donor 1]
$650 – Requires check sent to [My dad’s full name]

I have strong suspicion as to why your collection was not paid out on time.  During end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 we were suddenly plagued by fraudulent fundraisers.

What would happen is that a criminal would enter stolen credit card numbers into Fundable as contributions.  As a shortcut, they would use the same credit card in large amounts multiple times to finish their collection.  After we paid out their collection, the credit card companies would reverse all of the payments they made on behalf of the real credit card holders, costing us thousands of dollars.

To add to the confusion, the criminals would act angry and threatening like a normal customer would when we definitively identified their collection as fraudulent and refused to pay it out.

Until we finally found a service that could detect fraudulent payments, we had to take strong measures and I suspect that your collection got caught up in the process.


Me at 10:15 pm

Those are the correct numbers for the refunds. Will you let me know when they go out?

The explanation of the fraudsters is very much what you said to me in the chat room. What I don’t understand is why your policy is apparently to keep the money if you thought it was part of a fraud.  Wouldn’t it make sense to refund the card holders?

If you want me to post your explanation as to what you think happened as an addendum to my blog post I would like to do that.  Unless you’d rather post it yourself in comments. Otherwise, I’ll paraphrase, since I dislike posting private email without permission.


John Pratt at 12:45am

Yes, please post anything I have e-mailed you as soon as possible, preferably at the top.

Since I was not answering calls or general e-mails in January, I can’t yet say what lead to this.

Outside observers don’t know that we would have quit a long time ago if we weren’t motivated by helping people realize their projects using our system.  Financially, the site breaks even.  This is NOT the most efficient way to make money on the internet.


My last reply written at 1:04, which I sent right after I finished inputting the rest of this into the blog.

The one thing I want you to understand is that none of this is okay.  If you are serious about helping people, you need to put a system in place so that people can get in touch with your company without having to make the internet fall on your head.  Whoever your customer service person is, isn’t doing his or her job right.  It should never have been necessary for me to escalate like this.

Despite your explanation about what happened with my fundraiser, if you had doubts about the legitimacy of the charges I can think of no good reason for to have kept the money. If you thought I was a crook stealing other people’s funds, why didn’t you return it [to them] in January?

Now, I’ll ask again, will you let me know when the refunds go out?


In an additional email, he has reiterated that my collection had looked like a fraud and that is why they didn’t disburse the funds to me at the end of it.  I’m sympathetic to that, but I still lack any adequate understanding of why held onto the donors’ funds for months.

I’m not going to wrap up with a commentary, because if you’ve made it this far, you can draw your own conclusions about what happened.  But I will promise to let you know as soon as those refund checks arrive.

Edited to add Sunday, August 23rd 8:24 am

As promised, the paypal refund to Donor 2 has been received.  Mr. Pratt sent screenshots of the checks to Donor 1 and my dad.  Those are scheduled to go out on Monday and arrive by the 31st.

117 Responses

  1. george s

    Maybe the reason it didn’t turn out well because of the bad karma in sponging off of your loved ones. Where is your pride? (or shame?) My god you are obviously literate and have produced a well crafted website …why can’t you make money the old fashioned way and buy your own computer like the rest of us? Sorry to rag on you but everyone else on the blog seems to have missed the point that this is so boorish. Personally I am unemployed and searching for work myself, just so you don’t think I am coming from some entitled place. (I don’t know you I was alerted to this by a boing boing post.) Again, I think the whole fundraiser is rather tacky, although I guess I’m the odd one out in thinking so. Thank God.

    BTW I have no control over what icon gets posted….

    1. Jim Crider

      George S, blaming the victim is rather, well, tacky and boorish, to use your words. Coming into the victim’s “house” to do so is flat out rude. Your surprise that Mary’s friends would rise to her defense is most telling. Maybe if you didn’t show up as a new visitor and castigate the host by way of introduction, you’d have some of your own.

    2. David

      George, I love it! *She* is being boorish? George, did you break your mirror? That’s seven years’ bad luck, you know…

      But it’s good that you let everyone else know your opinion of the whole thing. I know you have to tell them, for their own good, and I certainly appreciate your time and effort in coming here from BB so you could pass your judgment on what Mary is doing, and criticize her for it. That took a lot of … something.

    3. Mary Robinette Kowal

      You aren’t sorry to rag on me. You are enjoying it. And you’ve now lost your unmoderated posting privileges here.

      Everyone else, please don’t bait George S. by responding to him.

  2. Colorado Bob

    Mary –
    Nothing like a shout out from Boing Boing.

    I raised over $2,000 this year for 2 separate projects using Fundable. The second one , the payment came almost immediately. I had zero problems with them.

    Not defending them or attacking you, just an report on my experiences.

  3. Catherine Shaffer

    Wow! What a story! I have to say that it sounds like Fundable is indeed a scam, based on the very dodgy story and the reluctant way that Mr. Pratt is returning your money. It is normal for a business to have dissatisfied customers. It is not normal for a business to take nearly $2000 from a customer and refuse to refund the money or communicate when the service/goods are not delivered. Imagine getting this BS from Best Buy after you paid for a refrigerator, and then the refrigerator was not delivered. For eight months. “We thought you bought the refrigerator fraudulently with someone else’s money.” Huh? “People buying fraudulent refrigerators was costing us thousands in chargebacks?” Huh? “Fraudulent refrigerator buyers write us angry emails.” Huh? Really?

    I’m glad that you and your friends/family are getting refunds, finally, but no credit to Pratt and Fundable for doing the absolute minimally correct thing.

  4. robcat2075

    If this problem has happened once to you this problem has probably happened 100x over with other users. It’s unlikely that an automated web business makes unique mistakes.

    Hopefully other disappointed users have as visible a way to get the company’s attention because it sure appears that their standard channels are just a way to appear to be paying attention and/or a tactic to delay any need to address them.

    There is a certain mindset in many companies that customer complaints must be mistakes.

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  6. -d-

    Today I got a refund check from Fundable for the full amount of my contribution. Maybe it was a legimate fear that he was being scammed himself.
    Anyway, I’m glad that it has been resolved.

  7. Neely

    Wow! I am SO glad I found this blog. I found the website from a rescue site for pit bulls. While all of the other links seem legit for federal and private grants for my situation, this one triggered an alert on my Security Center which led me to “google” them. And this is what I found. I was trying to raise money for my sick dog’s surgery and have already created a site but thanks to your blog, I’ll be retracting the fundraiser and keep my fingers crossed that one of the grants I applied for comes through. I am SO sorry you had to go through this Mary. John is right though, in saying that you hear about the “bad” things a company does more so than the “good”. Bad news travels fast that is certain and thank God for that! I hope you have resolved ALL of your issues with them and are enjoying your computer! Best of luck to you.

  8. FamiliesInRecovery

    Thanks for the blog. We are a small nonprofit that works with kids from alcoholic families and I was thinking about testing Fundable for one of our programs. Your blog saved what could have been a lot of pain and embarassment if things had gone poorly with them. Fundraising should not be a crap shoot.

    One other quick point. They take 10% off the top as their revenue source, and then they send the money to paypal where an additional 3-4% will be taken off for processing. 13% is way too steep for processing donations and makes it a high-cost solution, on top of a risky one as you point out.

    Much appreciated for the public service!

  9. Alan Smith

    Well, if you check, you’ll find that now it’s dead. Is it good or bad, hard to tell.

    No doubt there were criminals that tryed to scam them, but Fundable scamed a lot of people too. They did not send payments (however they were saying that payment was sent), they did not refund payments, they did not reply to emails/calls. They were sending SOME payments, however. So overal, they were in profit. Someone scamed them, and they scamed someone too.

    Anyway, the idea was really cool and useful, but they weren’t able to make it work. So, is there any other site that works in the same way? Where usual people can ask for help and RECEIVE it?

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      Whoa. Thanks for pointing that out, Alan. Am I the only one fascinated by the difference in the narrative there and the exchange I had with Mr. Pratt?

      As for other place? I’ve seen some other fundraisers out there but don’t have any personal experience with any of them so wouldn’t feel comfortable making recommendations at this point.

    2. Eleri

      I wish there was Alan, we did a lot of looking. My friends have graciously tried the ‘pimp the wordpress blog’ thing (, but that requires asking and asking, which is hard on the pride.

  10. Deirdre Saoirse Moen


    I don’t know of any place that works the same, really. There’s places that are sorted out for loans (Prosper and LendingClub), but I don’t know of any for outright gifts.

  11. Ed Reggi

    Well I believe I was just screwed out of $1000 by too. I had an auction for a wedding and it ended on Tuesday for $1100 and I was supposed to receive the money in 48 hours but when I went to tonight it seems the site is no longer in business. And Mr Pratt urges I sue Louis Helm for my money. I am beyond words right now, very upset.

  12. Marie

    Hello Mary,

    Thank you for your helpful post. Have you seen the fundable site today? I am very disappointed- I was really excited about the possibilities of such a service. I must admit that I did no background check on the company because I had heard about them on NPR.

    All best,


  13. Ed Reggi

    Yes supposedly now they are sending out checks because PayPal blocked their account. Oh lord, this is getting me nervous. I hope my $1000 comes via mail and the check doesn’t bounce.

    1. SF

      Hey did you ever get your check from Fundable? I am going through the same thing with them! WHat a horrible company!!!!

  14. SF


    I currently have a Fundable page up to help raise money for a friends dog surgery. Well, a couple of days ago someone went into the pake to make a pledge and the Fundable page had disappeared!!!! Not one that but there was a message stating there was some inter-company issue with the owners and that they had to shut down!!! It’s horrible!!! We were almost done with out collection to! So now the page is back up but it doesn’t let you click on “make a pledge” I’ve emailed the company several times and no one gets back to me! I will try calling again tomorrow. I also noticed that you were in contact with the owner himself! Is there any way you can give me his email address!!! This is horrible how this company is scamming poor innocent people that just want to help others!!!!



  15. John C. Randolph

    Note to self: never do business with John Pratt.

    Mary, sorry you had to go through this. Thanks for blogging it.

    Dierdre: Small world! How’s everything? Still working for the Famous Company in Cupertino?


  16. saul

    I went through the motions of setting up a fundraiser, and after I emailed it to all my friends, I got emails that the pay pledge screen was frozen, I contacted fundable several times and no one ever got back to me. I delete all my info.
    It’s a very bad business ethic to have a non working site up an running which does not work…
    sad sad sad

  17. Thomas

    There is another new site called that is similar to Fundable. Have you guys tried it yet?

  18. Eric Neal


    Wow. I’m late finding this post (esp. since Fundable has since closed shop), but it was a very enlightening read, nonetheless. I’d thought about using Fundable on several occasions, and now I’m so very glad I didn’t, just on principal. We’ve all encountered the inadequate and downright rude customer service like this, and it’s great that you’ve brought your nightmare to people’s attention so that they could avoid this kind of crapola. Anyway, the real reason I’m posting is to put the final punctuation mark on the Pratt experience, namely this tasty little post in which he offers his POV on the business tanking and his new business venture at the time of writing His truest colors show in his own words and he even gets into some mudslinging with the responders calling him out as a Grade A douchebag. I almost feel bad for the guy. Almost. Hope your friends and family have recouped their losses by now.


  19. Dr. Mike Wendell

    Just discovered this post after I noticed that the fundable site was pointing to an copy of it. I have to admit that I was rather surprised to see this. I used them back in 2006 when I needed to raise money for a laptop due to having lost my internet access. Have to admit that I found them very pleasant to work with and quick to respond to emails. Although that was back in 2006/

    I’m sorry you had trouble with them but I have to say that not all experiences with them turned out bad. They did a lot of good for me and I spend most of my day trying to help others.

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