How was your Thanksgiving?

For Thanksgiving yesterday, we had a quiet and convivial meal at Bill Shunn and Laura Chavoen’s home. Laura is an excellent cook, if you ever get the chance. This also marks one of three times I’ve seen Rob during daylight hours in the past four months.

No, he’s not a vampire, but the process of getting the winery open, followed immediately by harvest, meant that he was working extremely long hours. He still went in yesterday, but only for an hour. This feels like a triumph. Things are starting to slow down at the winery. I think he is pressing the last lot this week, which means that then he’ll be able to take a day off. Hopefully more than one.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful to Bill and Laura for inviting us up and letting us pretend to be civilized for a day.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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9 Responses

  1. Dave Hogg

    Mine was nice. For about the 20th year in a row, I covered the Thanksgiving NFL game. There were years in there where I then went home and ate frozen pizza, but these days, I head to my mom’s house for dinner with her, my wife and daughter. Luckily, they wait for me, even when the game goes to overtime like last night!

  2. Manny Frishberg

    I had a surprisingly good Thanksgiving. My immediate family has never taken the holiday very seriously and the extended family is scattered to the four corners of the continent, so I had low expectations. (That is, not counting the lovely Early Thanksgiving celebration at Bruce Taylor and Roberta Gregory’s last Sunday.)
    But my youngest came over to share a roast duck, too much football (and do his laundry. A lovely day after all.

  3. John Pitzel

    Only 22 this year, versus the usual 35 – 40. Today, we celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, since we were all in town. Nice, welcome respite from the year.

  4. Serge Broom

    The day started with my takig my father-in-law to Emergency. He’d slipped on the bathroom floor after taking a shower ad banged his elbow hard against the toilet seat. It hurt a lot even one hour later and, since he’s nearly 80, we wanted to make sure he didn’t crack anything. Luckily it turned out to be a bad bruise.

  5. Kelvin Kao

    Usually it consists of three things: whole bird (turkey if more people, chicken if fewer; this year is the latter), hot pot, and pie (usually pumpkin). According to Facebook, a few of my Asian friends did hot pot as well.

  6. BenjaminJB

    My girlfriend’s parents came down from Chicagoland to San Angelo, TX-land, which is a less fun land, if fun = access to Thai food, Indian food, or Lula Cafe food. The visit is a modest success so far; I had some fun baking pretzel rolls; and I got some time to videochat with the family back east, including a dance session with my 4-year old nephew.

    But we’re mostly looking forward to driving up to Chicago for Christmas (driving so the dog can come with us) and have a list of restaurants to visit while we’re back there.

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