Heavily Inspired by Iceland

Last night when I was flying home and the fellow in the seat next to me was talking about how awful the situation in Iceland was with the whole country blanketed by ash.

It’s not.

I explained that the area affected by Eyjafjallajökul is very small and that Europe is getting most of the ash plume. He looked doubtful. When I got home, I had this video sitting in my inbox from a friend in Iceland. It’s part of the Inspired by Iceland campaign to spread the word about how fantastic Iceland is.

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

If you’ve read any of my fiction you know how much living in Iceland for a year and a half inspired me. Here are some of the stories that I took out of Iceland.

If you are looking for vacation plans and a lot of sunshine, hit Iceland this summer for 20 hours per day.  The landscape changes constantly so one day it is like vacationing in Middle Earth and the next the Moon.

The Moon, with air and hot springs, that is.

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