Coraline Assembly Line

Coraline assemblyThere’s a certain euphonious delight happening with that title.

Anyway, we are now into the part of the build where I am creating the final dolls. Everything goes much, much faster once I’ve got the patterns created. At the moment I have a pile of body parts on my table waiting for me to assemble them.

You can imagine how long this would have taken if I were cutting out each individual piece with my exacto knife. All eternity. This is part of why I love my bandsaw. To show you how much faster the bandsaw makes this process go, here’s a quick video.

Though I’m using a watercolor block in the video, you don’t have to do that. You can cut out multiples like this by glueing or taping a stack of paper together. Just make sure that the glue is only in the areas that you are planning on discarding.

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2 Responses

  1. Lance

    Hey chick you gone all uptown. Good for you. Whats happin in your world. Lots going on here. Rolled off of Coraline with good feelings about it and great toys to show. Dr Scholls wart remover commercial got me a SAG card and writing a few shows to tour China with Rocky and Yuqin next year. Kris is busy and happy working on Stellaluna with Nancy, Samanatha is 4 and sassy and way smart. When we going to pull out the best puppet show known to human beings, for another run?