Beta readers for 5k short SF story?

Apparently, when I’m not under a crushing novel deadline I write a lot of short fiction. Who knew? Anyway, I’m looking for five to ten beta readers for a 5000 word short SF story. Just comment on my site to raise your hand.  I think I’m set on readers. Thanks!

Here’s the teaser.


by Mary Robinette Kowal

The road hummed under the wheels of the reproduction semi-truck and beneath Dude’s hands the steering wheel vibrated with life. He had the diesel engine environment soundscape turned up high so that his ears hummed along with the road.

Why the hell had people given up driving? Sure, automated cars were useful, but there was nothing like the freedom of the open road. Ahead of him, a self-driving car was going exactly the speed-limit.

With a grin, Dude put on his turn signal and sped up. Past the speed limit. He pulled out a piece of beef jerky — processed and vegan, but it looked real — and tore a hunk off. It was like chewing chaw. Except tastier and not going to give him cancer. Yeah, baby. This was life. This was what he was meant to do. Artisanal Trucking LLC. Human hands, door to door.  He wasn’t governed by algorithms or satellites or any of that bullshit. Dude was one with the road and the road was one with him. Like meditation. One with the road and–

A dog darted out in front of him.

Dude had time to see that it was yellow.

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